Friday, August 15, 2008

Friday Fricassee

So, what are you working on this weekend?

(Notice I didn't ask about your recreational activities. That's because one assumes that most writers don't actually set weekends apart in their minds as "non-writing" days. I mean, is there such a thing as a "non-writing" day?)

Big News: Our next SECRET AGENT contest is set up and ready to go! I'll be posting some Early Information For My Faithful Readers on Monday. I think we've worked out some kinks, and there will be some stringent guidelines to follow -- all for the sake of making it easier on our Secret Agent and all the devoted feedback-givers.

So please be good and follow the directions. I can't tell you how painful the thought of disqualifying an entry would be. I'm just not good with that. (Who, me? Rejection issues?)

And that's your teaser for the day! Love me or hate me, you'll have to wait until Monday for more.



  1. Way excited about the next SA. Thanks so much for setting these up for us!

    My plans for the weekend include a 10 hour writing session. Every Sat., I meet my writing group at our favorite coffeehouse, commandeer the couchs, and just write. (Well, the occasional foray into email or non sequitor subjects come in sometimes, too.) But I get *so* much done on these intense days, it's worth the eye strain and blinding headaches! :)

  2. Ditto! <- excited about another SA.

    I'm seriously considering doing this again... er... depending on the guidelines. Whether or not I submit anything - I'll enjoy commenting on everything. %-)

    This weekend... *looks distant* I think I'll be doing some editing. And I was thinking about new.

    And playing with my brand new digi-camera for procrastination... ;)

  3. Revisions and more organization of my office this weekend! I just spent $100 on bins so everything can be nice and neat.

  4. Plans? Oh dear lord...does this mean that if I SAY I'm gonna do it, I have to?

    Okay, okay, I have several short stories that need revisions. One publisher awaiting an erotica short, and of course the always present unfinished MS and the one that still needs MAJOR revisions.


    And as for you having a problem rejecting an entry...was that snarkiness I detected, or my own paranoia?

    :) Terri

  5. Ur, your own paranoia. :D

    Because I really do hate it. Rejecting submissions, I mean. Because I know how it feels.

    Yanno? I hate it. :P

  6. This weekend? It's the weekend already? :|

    I'm going to write at least two chapters on my urban fantasy WIP. About 4k or so. (One chapter on Sat, one or more on Sun depending on how long I can keep from distracting myself.)

    I AM going to revise a short. (Dunno which one. I gotta get some new stuff ready to send out.)

    And who knows, I might finish the synopsis I started and clean up my files and slack and watch a movie. ;)

    Looking forward to the new SA!


  7. Um, put a roof on my house. Write a couple of chapters on a WIP I'm obsessed with at the moment. Polish a couple on a rough and maybe hit the movies with my boys.

    Looking forward to SA.

  8. you're killing me!

    now, i'm going to be refreshing my google reader all day.

  9. Very excited about the new SA. Thanks so much for setting these up. I’m definitely going to submit.
    I haven’t done any good writing for almost 2 weeks. We were at the beach and I just couldn’t concentrate. The ocean kept calling my name & those crazy little birds that walk way too fast when they should just fly (whew!) were calling my name. And I wasn’t about to take my laptop to the beach (all that sand!). So, this weekend I’m planning on getting some work done. And, yes, I’ve had way too much caffeine.

  10. Yep, I'm writing this weekend. I'm determined to finish a first draft of the novel I'm working on by the end of August. That means I have to write 1000-2000 words a day. Definitely attainable. And it's really hard to think of writing as "work", but it makes me feel less guilty if I do consider it that.


  11. To-Do:
    - 2 dresses done by Saturday night
    - 1 quilt mapped out if not sewn
    - Finish editing and submit my short story
    - Polish both new opening for the SA (I'm so excited!)
    - Edit
    - Edit
    - Edit
    - Write
    - Yoga

    Did I mention it's almost noon Saturday and I intend to take Sunday off from working?

  12. Another SA event, yeah!

    I'm getting back into the writing groove after a long family vacation. My goal this weekend is to hit the 50K mark in my WIP. I'm at 49K, so it's doable -- even though it's gonna be a hot weekend.

  13. No big list of plans for me. Other than spending time with the kids, I'm editing. And editing. And editing some more.

    I'm looking forward to hearing more about the next SA contest after the weekend! Even if I can't enter because of genre or some other factor, I'm still planning to comment on the entries. :)

  14. Well, I finished a line edit of one of my novels I'm mailing off to submit on Monday. The rest of my weekend is booked line edit the novel I just sold to an ePublisher. That'll probably take most of next week too. *sighs*

    I'm looking forward to another contest! :D And actually writing something... I'm sick of line edits.

  15. You are all very inspiring.

    I really mean that!

  16. Arg! So much for plans. ;)

    I only wrote 1k on Sat of my WIP (was it Sat? I don't remember), nothing on Sunday...

    Sunday I did write 500 words a short in progress, and started a new one which I got 1800 words done on... but no revisions. :'(


    I mean, I got stuff done. Kinda. I even slacked and watched a movie. O:) Need to get on track again for this week...

    *sets her brain on fire*