Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday Fricassee

Posting on a holiday? Not really.

A bit of post-turkey chatter, perhaps, but not a real post.

So tell me. How was Thanksgiving?


  1. Lots of turkey.

    And I finished NaNo. Hurrah!

  2. Is it over?
    I'm still awake.

    I cooked all day, from about 5:00 AM, we finally ate around 6:00 PM. Then we started the black friday planning. Started shopping online at midnight, slept from 7-9, got up and started the rounds of shops. With 6 children, you do what you have to, to stay in budget. I don't believe in charging gifts. If I don't sleep soon, I may start believing in all sorts of strangeness.

  3. The family gathered, and gathered good. They brought caseroles, pies, dips, jellies, and every comfort food known to modern man.

    We talked and laughed for hours as we rubbed our tummies with blovatious delight.

    Grandma drank a bit too much, and had us all worried for a while, as she teetered around the hot stove like a highwire walker in a strong wind.

    But aside from that, all went well, with Republicans and Democrats alike, all minding their P's and Q's in festive family cheer.

    Thank goodness the election is over, or the day might have been quite different.

  4. Here in England it was a normal, working day. Only full of complete chaos and stress for me (unusual) - didn't help that I was very tired. Colleagues distracted me long enough to stop me from crying. Glad its over!

  5. It was fattening. My son in law was starving so he cut into a pumpkin bundt cake before the turkey was served. Eating dessert first. What could be better?