Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pre-Contest Jitters and a Possible "Heads Up"

Well, I don't have jitters -- but I think 60 of you just might. *grin*

Your energy is literally seeping out of my keyboard, dripping from my monitor, and invading my psyche. Awesomeness abounds!

The tiny "heads up" is this: There's a chance I may start posting entries later today. Our Secret Agent expressed an interest in possibly getting an early start (how cool is that?). I'm waiting for a final word.

If you don't see anything happening on here, assume that we'll be starting on schedule tomorrow morning at 9:00 Eastern Time. And remember that everyone is warmly invited to critique -- not just the Secret Agent and our contestants.

So many new folks this time, too! Welcome, welcome, welcome.

That's my news bulletin for Tuesday. I'm off to scrounge up some lunch. (The cashews are gone.)

Oh, and THANK YOU to those of you who purchased Agent: Demystified yesterday. May the "pearls of wisdom" therein propel you into Agent Nirvana and Beyond!


  1. Interesting you should mention cashews. I bought a can of them the other day and nibbled at them while watching television. Before I knew it the can was more than half empty. (Or less than half full, if you're an optimist.) I checked the calorie chart on the can. In 30 minutes I had consumed about 1,000 calories. Yikes! Watch out for those cashews. I bought peanuts this time, but they're almost as bad.

    I'm anxious to read the entries.

  2. Miss Authoress,

    Here comes another silly question. Since this is my first time participating, how are the entries posted? In a separate blog post for each? Or in the comments of a main post?

    I know...duh...I wish you had a search box here. I have no idea what to search under, on the side list.

  3. Michael -- it's definitely dangerous to bring the whole container with you. I've learned to grab a handful from the kitchen and take it with me.

    And then, of course, I just keep going back for another handful. :D

    Nightsmusic -- Each entry will be a separate blog post, and the crits will be left in the comment boxes.

    You're right, I DO need a search tool on this blog. I just need one that actually WORKS...I'm open to suggestions!

  4. Looking forward to reading/commenting on this round!

    Authoress, you are always amazing, you know that right? O:)


  5. Did you try this one?


  6. I was planning to get together with some mommy friends tonight. But now the temptation is strong to stay home and start critting. Or maybe the snow storm that just swept though--double groan--has something to do with that.

    Can't wait to read as much as I can over the next few days.

    Good luck everyone. This is just too much fun...and addictive.

  7. Hubby's out of town, so tonight's good for me. :)
    Again, good luck everyone. I can't wait to read all the post!
    And I'll try to get to all 60.

  8. Woo hoo! Stay tuned, true believers!

  9. And the word is -- business as usual. See you all in the morning!

  10. Very cool and big thank yous to Authoress and Secret Agent, should it happen. I'm looking forward to it, whenever they pop up!

  11. This is going to be so much fun. My husband will probably ger tired of me waving my arm and saying . "I'm busy just now." 'Cause I hope to crit them all if I can. Woo hoo!

  12. I really appreciate you holding these contests. It's a great way to get feedback. Thank you so much for doing these.

  13. I've already said this, but you know what, Authoress?

    You rock.;D

  14. You think cashews are bad? One summer I went on the macadamia nut diet.

    Fifteen pounds later I realized the follies of an unbalanced diet.

    (Five months of macadamia nut withdrawal until I got rid of the fifteen pounds)

    Whew. Thank goodness cashews aren't nuts, right?