Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Line Grabber Round 3: CRITIQUE TIME!

Time to put on your critique hats!  The winning entries will post shortly.

At this writing, one of our five winners has not sent her 500 words.  I have contacted her, and I have also contacted an alternate.  So if an entry shows up that wasn't in the original winners' line-up, that's why.

As always, please leave honest-yet-kind critique.  Also, remember to keep stopping by, as there are several agents who will be popping in over the next few days to leave their critique.

And, as always, the agents are free to contact me if they want to see more material.  So make sure you get involved and leave your critique; it's a great way to see how closely your advice lines up with the agents'!

Winners:  Please critique at least 2 other entries.

Everyone:  Have fun!

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  1. Yay! Everyone's entries are so cool! I wish I could see more of them somehow. 0_0 I love good stories.