Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday Fricassee

Hello, loves!

First of all, here's what's coming up on the blog for the rest of March (mark your calendars!):
  • Next week:  Our second AGENT WISH LIST!  Submissions Monday, winners post on Thursday.
  • March 28 -- SECRET AGENT CONTEST!  Submission info will post on Monday, March 21. 
That should keep us hopping for the next few weeks, yes?

Second of all, thank you for your warm and encouraging comments last Friday.  It's official -- my "baby" is flying from the nest and landing on the desks of editors.

I've travelled this path before.  You know I have.  But -- dare I say it? -- this time it feels different.

Maybe it's because this novel was the hardest one I've ever written.

Maybe it's because my agent is so excited about this project that she makes me feel like it's Christmas Eve every time I hear from her.

Maybe it's because so many of you keep reminding me to look forward instead of backward, and to trust that good things are around the corner.

Or maybe, despite all odds, I've actually learned to remain optimistic.  (I've tried the cynical route--it doesn't feel good.  At all.)

At any rate, we're off and running.  And I'm trying to settle my spirit and dig into some new work.

For now, though?  Ballet class, lunch with someone dear to me, and perhaps, later, a we're-on-submission celebratory glass of champagne with Mr. A.

Have a glorious weekend, everyone--and thanks for being so very present!


  1. I hope your baby finds an amazing home! Happy Weekend!

  2. Crossing All The Things for you, and hoping this one finds its perfect home very soon!!

  3. Enjoy your weekend and each moment along the journey...for really, it is only the moment you are in right now that is guaranteed. Don't fret about what lies before you, soak in the now. Cheers!

  4. I have fingers firmly crossed for you, Authoress. I'm in the same boat this week with my book going out on submission too. Been there before, but it's no less nerve-wracking!

  5. Feeling really good vibes for you & this submission!! And yes to glorious weekends- I finished my synopsis today! It's horrible, but at least I've got something to work with, whoo. ;)

  6. I'm so excited for you! I subbed my ms after edits to my agent two months ago and it's been dead silence. Sending positive vibes your way (and hoping they multiply and bounce back my way;)

  7. How exciting! Thank you for being always inspiring, always positive. I got some passes on my queries this week, but thanks to you, I won't let that get me down. Enjoy the champagne. :)

  8. Pleased you're upbeat and excited - joy and laughter make our brains work better. Who wants to live any other way?