Monday, June 27, 2016

I'm Back! And ON THE BLOCK 2016 -- Yes or No??

Hello, dear ones!

It always feels like half a millennium has passed once I get back from vacation.  Yanno?  And the whole getting-back-into-normal-life, for whatever reason, feels like more of a struggle this year.  That might have something to do with the ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLY WONDERFULNESS vacation-time-with-Mr-A.

Aside from all the schmoopy romance and quality time (I really do love this guy), he READ BOOKS.
*pause for dramatic effect*

Guys.  THIS DOESN'T HAPPEN OFTEN.  In fact, it's about as common as having a sixth finger.  And you can imagine how I've ached over the years to have cozy, bookish conversations with my true love.  Imagine my delight when, after finishing Pride and Prejudice (his first reading--huzzah! It finally happened!), Mr. A dug into Rick Yancey's The Fifth Wave. 


See the OPEN BOOK on my husband's lap??  And I'm especially thrilled because I bought him The Fifth Wave, hopeful that he would love it.  And I was right!  So on the one too-damp-and-dreary-to-do-much-else day we experienced at the shore, we hit our favorite coffee shop.  I plotted, and he read.

(And the thrill hasn't stopped.  Because he is now reading Mary Pearson's The Kiss of Deception, which I read at the shore, and loved BEYOND ALL WORDS.  I suggested we swap books, so I'm now reading The Fifth Wave.  Every time I close the book, Mr. A is all, "So, where are you?"

This has never happened in the entire history of my relationship with this man.  I AM SO HAPPY.

Okay.  I think I've gushed enough.

You understand.  I know you do.

(Also?  If you love YA Fantasy and haven't read The Kiss of Deception yet, STOP EVERYTHING AND READ IT.)

So, I'm back, and the first thing I need to know is DO YOU WANT AN ON THE BLOCK THIS YEAR?

It's no secret that I've cut way back on what I offer here, for the sake of allotting more time to writing (instead of blogging, which is also writing, but not writing writing).  So when I do offer something on a larger scale like this, I want to be sure it's worth the time.  If you want it, I am glad to offer it!  But if the interest isn't great enough, I'd rather not jump in the water.  Because, yes, it is time consuming.

On that note, PLEASE TAKE THE SURVEY THAT POPPED UP ON YOUR SCREEN!  It's not long -- only 8 questions, mostly multiple choice.  Make your voice heard!

And if you didn't see the pop-up, here ya go:


Thank you, all!  It's good to be back.


  1. Inigo Montoya: "you don't by any chance happen to have six fingers on your right hand?:

    1. Hah! I just read that a few months ago! :) (I know, I know. SO late to the game.)