Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Pitch for the Win #27 - Historical Fantasy

TITLE: Mourn Their Courage
GENRE: Adult Historical Fantasy

When a hungry ghost kills Liu Jie's children, he concludes he's an unfit leader. Then he's thrown into a war he can't win against a creature that seeks to consume the empire and cannot be killed.

Set in the Xing empire, where ghosts are guides and heroes are traitors, MOURN THEIR COURAGE is a 100k-word novel based on the same popular Chinese folklore used in Ken Liu's "Grace of Kings."


  1. Wow. I would love to read this story. Super pitch. The second sentence is a little wordy - maybe you could break it up or take out a few words to make it flow a bit smoother? That's the only thing I can find - it is an awesome pitch. :)

  2. Nice title, nice premise but I personally would be uninterested in the missing emotion in this line. "
    When a hungry ghost kills Liu Jie's children, he concludes he's an unfit leader." His priorities seem mixed up.
    Rework. I wouldn't include the comp comparison in pitch. Query maybe, not pitch.

  3. Yeah, I had a problem with that, but ran out of time to fix it. Thanks!

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