Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Pitch for the Win #28 - Cozy Mystery

TITLE: The Case of the Cat Crazy Lady
GENRE: Adult Cozy Mystery (1st of series)

After Buttercup Bend's "Cat Crazy Lady," Maggie Broom, is smothered to death in her home, Cathy Carter is stunned to learn that the animal shelter and pet cemetery she co-owns with her brother Doug is the recipient of the bulk of Maggie's estate. Sheriff Miller is convinced Maggie's estranged brother and sister are guilty of  the murder, but Cathy and her reporter friend, Nancy Meyers, set out to prove him wrong.


  1. Love the premise and perfect for this genre. Got a little confused about the brother. Are there 2 (one a biz partner and one estranged)? And why is the sister a suspect? (especially if Cathy and biz Bro are the beneficiaries of the CCL's death? I'd read the story:)

  2. I think this has a good structure, but it's so cluttered by names, I'm having difficulty tracking what's happening: Buttercup Bend, Cat Crazy Lady, Doug, Sheriff Miller (we don't need their names, only title) and Nancy Meyers are all unnecessary. Get rid of that and you'll have space for word count.

  3. Isnt is usually Crazy Cat Lady? Interesting until here -"Cathy and her reporter friend, Nancy Meyers, set out to prove him wrong." Flip it to show them finding killer not proving their innocence. IMHO

  4. Lots of cute names! But the names and titles take up a little more than 20% of your word count. Give us a bit more detail of the conflict between the Doug and Cathy (why they are estranged) and if it shines light on to why they are being accused of the murder.

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