Monday, April 9, 2012

Winners for April Secret Agent

Winning numbers have been drawn for April Secret Agent and the owners have all been emailed their entry numbers.
If you didn't get an email, I'm sorry; that means your ticket number wasn't selected.
Here is the complete list, so you may double check:
  • 0SNLO1OV as ENTRY #1
  • NLZOLK7A as ENTRY #2
  • I3YXVRFK as ENTRY #3
  • CP3MK0BI as ENTRY #4
  • HR5HDJXP as ENTRY #5
  • 5KMX7LRM as ENTRY #6
  • OAZR9H8D as ENTRY #7
  • PN8OM7ME as ENTRY #8
  • CCX80Z44 as ENTRY #9
  • T5AUXYHO as ENTRY #11
  • 77IR1F56 as ENTRY #12
  • D3VVLKGM as ENTRY #13
  • UNH8HJVK as ENTRY #15
  • QKS4G52S as ENTRY #16
  • VHEHSB35 as ENTRY #18
  • 2BQNTOK2 as ENTRY #19
  • C0P7OX4B as ENTRY #20
  • TTGZEBJ7 as ENTRY #21
  • 91P5XI7R as ENTRY #22
  • KBV4OJ6H as ENTRY #23
  • 385K3G6P as ENTRY #24
  • JGHVPB8V as ENTRY #25
  • M2ZHUJHT as ENTRY #26
  • L5Y105OD as ENTRY #27
  • VSJ77DM4 as ENTRY #28
  • HFS62GAJ as ENTRY #29
  • B7ZTF24E as ENTRY #30
  • HF3LHVB3 as ENTRY #31
  • P9U3LS0O as ENTRY #32
  • SW5YZTAV as ENTRY #33
  • 6F2UDWAN as ENTRY #34
  • PSTVT94P as ENTRY #35
  • 3RI5FYU0 as ENTRY #36
  • HDUGMK9A as ENTRY #37
  • 3DV79D3G as ENTRY #38
  • EE6VLNIF as ENTRY #39
  • VAGIG25S as ENTRY #40
  • LNP1X7C0 as ENTRY #41
  • 8KOD6Y7L as ENTRY #43
  • WGT9AW25 as ENTRY #44
  • NZYV4R5Y as ENTRY #45
  • O7IDW2Q8 as ENTRY #46
  • 3UPMR8TC as ENTRY #47
  • 3NK526Z0 as ENTRY #48
  • M3SBKYZC as ENTRY #49
The alternates are:
  • RXR35LAZ as ENTRY #ALT-2


Linda Adams said...

Can't wait to read the entries!

Charlee Vale said...

Woo! I'm so excited! I didn't think there was any way I would be chosen.


Jeff Chen said...

Whoo hoo! Thanks so much for running these contests!

Rena said...

I'm excited for the entrants already, good luck!

aberthot said...

OMG I can't believe I got chosen - I never win anything when it comes to games of chance! Thanks so much for doing this!!!

Mary Vettel said...

Thanks so much for hosting this! So exciting.

Paula Millhouse said...

Holy Catfish! The bot picked my entry!
Good luck everybody!
Thank you, Authoress for all that you do for us!
Oh My Goodness!

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering how many submissions you receive for each SA lottery.

Good luck to the chosen.

Mara Rae said...

Thank you so much for the opportunity, Authoress!

Arielle said...

Yay, this is exciting! Question: I think I might have only listed sub-genres in the submission form, but it is young adult. Is that going to be a major issue? (I'm really, really sorry if it is!).

ripley said...

First time I've entered and the bot gave me some love. Thank you bot. Thank you authoress. Squeeee!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, how many submissions did you get, Authoress?

earth said...

Didn't make it this time, either. But that's okay. Thanks, Authoress, for this wonderful chance and for taking the time and effort to help all of us. Looking at the other entries and their critiques gives me a chance to improve my writing. So thanks.

Tome said...

This is so cool! Thanks for the opportunity!

Melissa Jackson said...

I've been lurking for a while, but have been too afeared to submit. A friend "forced" me to enter the contest, and the bot picked me! Holy catfish, indeed!

skywriter said...

Yay...and Yikes! So stressed, hoping Secret Agent and critiquers like my submission.

Thank you, Authoress! I appreciate the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

When do we get the post that has all the entries?


Authoress said...

Arielle -- Send me an email with your post # and I will add the "YA". It is kinda important, yes. :)

Melissa -- Happy unlurking!

Anon -- The entries will post on Wednesday. Is that what you were asking?

Also, for those who asked, there were just shy of 100 entries this time around. This number is always different.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Authoress.

Arielle said...

Authoress: Thank you so much for agreeing to make the correction! I sent my post number to your email.

Sarah Ahiers said...

Yay! I love SA time! And almost 100 entries? That's tons!!

DJ said...

Congrats, Secret Agenters! And thanks for yesterday's toes- I needed the laugh!

Feaky Snucker said...

Good luck to everyone! These are an amazing opportunity to get some feedback!

Dale said...

I finally got 'botted'! LOL Thanks Authoress, for sharing the love and doing these contests.

Anonymous said...

Can you change #4 to YA modern fantasy?

aberthot said...

I have a question - when people comment on our entry, are we allowed to comment back - or does that ruin the secrecy or something?

Authoress said...

aberthot -- I discourage that for 2 reasons:

1. It's best not to comment to critique, as it often comes off as justification. Also? If you feel the need to explain something, then it's probably best to go back to your writing and figure out WHY you need to explain it, rather than trying to do so to critters.

2. Most people won't come back to the comments after they've critted, so they won't see what you've said, anyway.

aberthot said...

ok - thanks! I agree for both reasons. :)