Friday, October 31, 2014

Friday Fricassee

Did you ever wake up to face a ridiculously busy day?  So busy that you're not sure when you're going to fit in bathroom breaks?  Yep.  I've got one of those.  Which is why I'm writing this post super early and super fast, and hoping it comes out somewhat coherently.

Well, we've completed our adult round of submissions!  Jodi and I are starting the reading process this afternoon (Yay! Skype time with Jodi!), and will continue it over the weekend.  As always, there is a diverse collection of genres, so we definitely won't be bored!  I'll admit that I expected to see more NA among the ranks.  So far, that's been my biggest surprise.

I will keep you up to date with little quips and comments as we go.  If you don't follow me on Twitter, NOW'S A GOOD TIME TO START.

Next week:  YA/MG submissions!  This is always a bigger rush, since there seem to be so many more of you.  (Why is that, I wonder?  I've never advertised this blog as a YA/MG blog, but you've seem to have gravitated here like gravy to roast turkey.  And I love you!)

Oh, and feel free to throw an evil laugh my way, because yesterday evening I had to write a logline--AND I FREAKED.  I totally get the logline thing, and I know a good one when I see it.  I'm also good at, yanno, PREACHING AT YOU about the importance of a good logline.  And Holly Bodger is my logline idol.  But when it comes to my sitting down and writing one?  You guys.  NOT PRETTY.

Amazingly, I cranked one out, and Jodi said, "I like it," which was good enough for me.  But it was not a lovely process.  No, not lovely at all.

So, yeah.  There's me, on the eve of the Baker's Dozen, squirming over my own logline.  I suppose there's some poetic justice in that.

Okay, I'm off and running.  See you all on Monday!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Baker's Dozen--So Far, So Good!

I'm pleased to report that yesterday's submissions went off without a hitch.  Yay!

Well, there was an ALMOST hitch, as I couldn't get into the database an hour before the contest was set to open.  Fortunately, I'd had the foresight to set up this week's contests ahead of time, so it was just a matter of my not being able to SEE anything once the submissions opened.

No.  That didn't bother me at all.  Not even a little.

Fortunately, Michael the Great eventually woke up (darn mountain-time-without-daylight-savings) and fixed the problem.  And all was well.

Anyway!  If you missed yesterday's opportunity, the second round of ADULT SUBMISSIONS is tomorrow.  Just a reminder that NA is included this year, and should be submitted in the adult round.

(Please note:  Any NA entries that are submitted during the YA/MG round will be redacted.  Jodi and I will have already finished judging the adult entries by the time we start the YA/MG.)



Monday, October 27, 2014

Auxiliary Logline Critique Session is Live

Good morning!  Today is the official Last Day Before Submissions!  Are you ready?

L.C. McGee's Logline Critique Round is now LIVE ON HER BLOG.  Please head over there when you have a few spare minutes and offer your critique.

A reminder that this week's submissions are for the ADULT CATEGORY, which includes NEW ADULT.  (If your entry is the latter, please label it as NA, along with its genre.)

Post your FINAL QUESTIONS below!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Fricassee

So I'm working on about five hours of sleep and I'm not sure how I'm going to stumble my way through my ballet and contemporary classes this morning, but HEY, IT'S FRIDAY!

First of all, MAKE SURE YOU SEE THIS if you tried 3 times to get into a Logline Critique Round and didn't make it.  Thank you so much, L.C. McGehee!

Secondly, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THIS POST BOOKMARKED, because Baker's Dozen submissions start NEXT WEEK.

(Which probably means that I should catch up on sleep before that happens.)

And on an Authoress's-personal-writing-journey note:  You all know I hate drafting, right?  RIGHT?  So it's interesting that I'm not hating it right now.  You may remember that I mentioned that this novel has turned out to have a 3-act plot arc, which sort of happened organically.  (I mean, really?  Who plans this stuff?  Oh, wait.  Some people do.  I should maybe try to catch up with the learning curve here.)  Well, I'm almost a third of the way through my projected word count (80,000), and it doesn't look like I'm going to make it to the end of my first act by then.

Which means I'M ACTUALLY WRITING LOTS OF WORDS.  Many of them will die, of course.  But part of the reason I'm such a slow drafter (other than my high distractibility) is the fact that I tend to craft words painstakingly.  So it's a bit surprising to me that this story is sort of vomiting itself out.  Here's the thing, though--I'm still crafting painstakingly (and being distracted).  But the flow is just...happening.

I'm going to have LOTS of snip-snipping to do.  But you all know that I love revisions, so it'll be hog heaven a few months from now.

Isn't it fascinating how we keep morphing?  I began this journey as a die-hard pantser, and today I'm in the middle of a carefully planned 3-act novel.  WHO KNEW?

Anyway.  Writing is weird.  And I wouldn't want any other life.

Rest up this weekend, because next week THE CRAZY BEGINS!

ATTENTION: Extra Logline Critique Available

For the second year in a row, one of our dedicated readers is offering her blog for a logline critique session for those of you WHO ENTERED THE LOGLINE CRITIQUE SESSIONS ON MSFV BUT DID NOT GET PICKED.  Now's your chance to get some feedback, after all!


I am hosting another logline critique session on my website. Since I can’t handle too many, I will post thirteen loglines for critique, in honor of the original ‘Baker’s Dozen’, as I did last year. This time I’m asking that anyone interested in submitting their logline for critique send it to me in an email, and I will post the first thirteen legitimate logline entries I receive that follow the rules.

When I say legitimate logline, I mean that it can’t be a tagline or something else that shows that you haven’t done any research on loglines or spent any time reviewing the other logline critiques. Of course your logline may be far from perfect--that’s why we’re trying to help each other improve them--but there’s no excuse for submitting something that shows that you have no idea what a logline is; Authoress has made plenty of information on loglines available here.

Here are the rules for this logline critique:

- This is only for those who are entering Baker’s Dozen but who did not get into one of the three logline critique rounds (either because your entry was never picked or you didn’t get a chance to submit).

- The submission window begins Saturday morning at 9:00 AM MST and ends at 5:00 PM MST. Yes, that’s Mountain Standard Time, since I’m out here in the wild west--and I’m afraid I’m terrible at keeping track of time zones and daylight savings time (which we don’t have in my state), so you will have to figure out what time that is in your own time zone.

- Send your logline in an email to lcm(at) The title of your email must say ‘Baker’s Dozen Logline Critique’.

- In the body of your email, please put the following information:


Age Category: XXXXX


Then type your logline below it, remembering that it cannot be more than 75 words.

Incidentally, I’ve seen a few entries here that just said ‘YA’ on the genre line--YA is not a genre, folks, it’s an age category. (And on top of the fact that it can help people when critiquing your logline to know the genre, you’d better know what your genre is if you’re querying agents!) :)

The age category must be either ‘Adult’ (or New Adult), ‘YA’ or ‘MG’. Although I will keep the critique session open for comments all week (and it may take me a few days to get through all of them myself), I will make certain to give feedback on the Adult ones first, and encourage the other participants to do the same. This is because the Adult submissions for Baker’s Dozen are this coming Tuesday and Thursday, while the YA and MG authors have a little more time to whip their loglines into shape.

I will email the entrants whose loglines will be posted, and tell them when the critique session begins, which should be Saturday afternoon or evening--it will begin as soon I have thirteen entries and have gotten them all posted on my website. I promise I will give feedback on each entry, and if your logline is posted for critique, please critique a minimum of five other loglines, just as Authoress requests here.

Lastly, if you don’t get an email reply, I'm sorry but that will mean your logline wasn’t selected.

Thanks, everyone!

L.C. McGehee :)