Thursday, May 26, 2016

CP Twitter Search

It's been a while since I've hosted a Critique Partner Dating Service, and I'm sure some of you newer "family members" might like the opportunity to hook up with another writer or two to swap work.

Here's the thing, though--we've got some little snaggy things to work out with our bot.  So I'm going to host this Critique Partner Dating Service on TWITTER!

It's called #CPTwitterSearch

And it's EASY to join in!  Here's how:

From 8 am to 8 pm EDT tomorrow (Friday, May 27), tweet the following to #CPTwitterSearch:

*what you're looking for and/or what you're good at

Note:  This will be CHALLENGING to do in fewer than 140 characters!  But succinct=beautiful.  Here are some examples:

#CPTwitterSearch YA SF/F Grammar Nazi. Big picture. Looking for same.

#CPTwitterSearch MG Contemp NEW WRITER but I'm great at proofreading

#CPTwitterSearch Historical/Agented Author/Looking for peer with equal experience

#CPTwitterSearch YA Mystery/Thriller/Horror/Magical Realism Love doing in-depth line edits!

There you have it.

How will it work?

Simple!  Follow the hashtag.  Reply to anyone who catches your eye.  It's very easy to hook up on Twitter (and you have the added benefit of being able to stalk read people's bios before contacting them, if you'd like.

You'll have TWELVE HOURS to peruse.

Then?  When you hook up?  Tweet to #CPTwitterSearch AND to me, and let me know!

Questions below!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Authoress Edits--I've Got Room For You!

First of all -- loving the critiques, as always!  Please keep them coming.  If you didn't have time to offer your feedback yesterday, jump right in today.

I sometimes forget that I am constantly picking up new readers who may not know the details about my editing services.  So here it is, in a proverbial nutshell:


This is my normal offering.  For $95 (payable in 2 installments), I will critique the first 30 pages of your completed manuscript, offering a detailed line edit and an editorial letter.  Turnaround is 1 to 2 months, depending on the queue and my writing workload.


I offer these when I have time.  For $260 (payable in 2 installments), I will critique the first 75 pages of your completed manuscript, offering a detailed line edit and an editorial letter.  The Premiere Critique has a GUARANTEED 1-week turnaround.


Occasionally, I will announce that I'm accepting submissions for 3-page critiques for $18.  This is a good way to see if your opening pages are working.

ALL THAT to say:  I am currently available to accept ONE Premiere Critique.  This will be the last Premiere Critique I will offer until July (because June is vacation month).  If you are interested, please email me at authoress.edits(at)  As always, this is first come, first served.

  • Please don't hire me in lieu of finding a good critique partner.  Swapping your work with colleagues should always come before hiring someone.
  • Please don't hire me to critique your first draft.  Not ever.  I've editing some work in the past that I'm convinced were first drafts, and trust me--it's exhausting to edit.  Nobody should ever (ever) pay for a professional edit of a first draft.  Save the hiring for when you've got a clean manuscript that needs an outsider's eye on the bigger picture.  Then you will truly benefit!
Questions?  Email me, or ask below.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Are You Hooked? Critique Guidelines

General guidelines for critique on MSFV:
  • Please leave your critique for each entry in the comment box for that entry.
  • Please choose a screen name to sign your comments. The screen name DOES NOT have to be your real name; however, it needs to be an identifiable name.  ("Anonymous" is not a name.)
  • Critiques should be honest but kind, helpful but sensitive.
  • Critiques that attack the writer or are couched in unkind words will be deleted.*
  • Cheerleading IS NOT THE SAME as critiquing.  Please don't cheerlead.
  • Having said that, it is perfectly acceptable to say positive things about an entry that you feel is strong.  To make these positive comments more helpful, say why it's a strong entry.
  • ENTRANTS: As your way of "giving back", please critique a minimum of 4 other entries.

*I can't possibly read every comment.  If you ever see a comment that is truly snarky, please email me.  I count on your help.

Are You Hooked? Adult Genre Fiction #35

TITLE: Switcher
GENRE: Adult - Urban Fantasy

After professional body switcher Cade stops a murder on his latest job, he must take back his own body from a killer he suspects is his supposedly dead uncle without breaking the heart of the sister who loves them both.

I had been back in my body for twenty-four hours when my next client called, and there was a mosquito bite between my shoulder blades. If people were going to take my body camping while I did team-building exercises at a corporate retreat in theirs, I needed to add a bug-spray requirement to my standard contract.

When the phone rang, I was balanced on one of the bus’s oversized tires, using the handle of a squeegee to scratch my back. The Caller ID said "Private Name Private Number." I got that a lot.

“Cade Hightower,” I said.

Harlan Ambrose’s voice on the line was deep and quick. “Cade, buddy, what’re you doing?”

I pulled the squeegee out of my shirt. “Washing the windows on the bus.”

“Hey, do me a favor and go inside.”

I looked around. “Sir, I’m in a high school parking lot on a Sunday. I might as well be on the moon.”

“No, I mean it. Inside. Got a job for you.”

I held the phone away from my mouth so he wouldn’t hear me grumbling, pushed the door open, and climbed the three steps into the school bus I had converted into my home. When I was settled in the swivel recliner anchored to the floor, I put the phone back to my ear.

“I’m inside, sir. What’s this job?” My foot rattled against the floor. Mr. Ambrose was a good client, but talking to him on the phone gave me hives.

Are You Hooked? Adult Genre Fiction #34

GENRE: Adult - Gothic Science Fiction

Vampires are going extinct. The cure to their impending doom is hidden within the veins of one woman who shifts from vampire to human like an undead Hulk. If this cure falls into the wrong hands, it might give life to a vampire race, but mean the end of a human race.


I chose to avoid the mirrors throughout the house. I feared what I had become, and the possibility of a confirmation should the mirrors stare back, void of reflection. I might embrace the change, but not with the help of mirrors. It would be in his eyes. He was irresistible, alluring, and everything I didn’t want. For that fear, I avoided his eyes as well—or, at least, I tried.


The air was sweet. Sweet, for a July evening. Sweet, and as close to perfection as the Michigan climate would allow. The temperature peaked around seventy-five degrees and only a hint of humidity accompanied a welcomed breeze, billowing my chiffon dress around my body. The bits of beading sewn in lace around my neckline jingled against one another with each gust, like the wake left by fairies, fluttering to and fro.

Whispers of lavender and vanilla, of earthy bark and fresh-cut grass, brushed against my face, carried by the warm current. I basked in the moment, if only for a second, before continuing ahead to the French doors of the banquet hall.

Once inside, a corridor illuminated by twinkling lights led me toward the sea of chattering voices. Before stepping toward the wedding reception, the smell of chlorine wrapped its comforting arms around me. I filled my lungs with the scent as I passed an indoor swimming pool. It reminded me of when I’d steal away to my aunt’s pool as a child.