Friday, December 21, 2018

Friday Fricassee

Oh, my dear writing friends. It was another of those breathtaking moments that reminded me once again that, yes, I really do have a book coming out in nine months. That, after a long journey that sometimes felt so hopeless (and pointless), someone loved my story enough to buy it.

In short, I discovered two days ago that my book has been listed on Amazon (and every other online bookseller). Of course I clicked right over--and read, for the first time, the jacket copy.

And all the rest of it.

Over and over.

No cover art yet, of course, but that's just one more thing to look forward to. (I saw some early concept art recently; that was another pinch-myself moment.) I'm sure I'm not the only debut author who has read her brand-new-shiny Amazon listing over and over. (Or maybe I am. In which case, please don't tell me.) All I know is--I don't need a single present under my Christmas tree.

See for yourself: STORMRISE ON AMAZON.COM.

Naturally, I announced this on my personal Facebook page as soon as it happened. I expected my friends to rejoice with me; I didn't expect them to start preordering the book.

It wasn't just close friends, either. It was that girl from high school I barely knew, who not only preordered the book but told me how proud she is of me. The gal who was in my gaming community a number of years ago. The woman I just met a couple months ago. (And yes, it was my sister, too, but everybody's sister preorders their novels, right?)

Those orders were the icing on the cake. I'm so grateful--and so humbled. 

If you've clicked over, you've also read the blurb I received from Tamora Pierce. I don't think I can adequately express how thrilled and blown away I am by her words of praise for Stormrise. And also for the gumption of my wonderful editor for sending the manuscript to Tamora in the first place. 

So, yes, I'm celebrating with great thankfulness today. 

And there's this: If you're on your own journey toward publication, let my joy be your reminder that you have no idea what your future will hold. It took me twelve years to finally land a book deal. I wouldn't wish that amount of time on anyone, but I do want to remind you that YOU HAVE TO KEEP WRITING AND PRESSING THROUGH THE HARD TIMES. Trust me -- it works.

Thank you for sharing my writerly happiness. Here's to believing that your own isn't far away.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Secret Agent Coming in January!

It's been a while, but I'm delighted to announce that there will be a Secret Agent Contest in January! Specific submission details will be posted, as always, the week before submissions. However, for the sake of our newer readers (and to let you know which genres will be included), here's what you need to know now:

1. Up to 50 entries of the first 250 words of a completed manuscript will be accepted. The Secret Agent will read and critique all entries, and will then choose a winner (or winners).
2. This contest is open for unagented authors of unpublished (but completed and agent-ready) works.
3. January's genres will include: women's fiction, mystery, suspense, historical fiction, and young adult (all genres).
4. Submissions for our January contest will be on Monday, January 21.
5. To learn more about Secret Agent Contests, GO HERE.

More than 60 authors have found their agents through contests on this blog; many of them have gone on to be published. Maybe you'll be next. :)

Please don't hesitate to ask your questions below!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Friday Fricassee

Hello, my friends!

By now, most of you have probably read somewhere on social media about my dramatic faceplant into a banister, resulting in 8 stitches to my lower lip and 3 loose teeth, one of them cracked.

Okay, it was more than cracked. It was shoved into my hard palette, and the ER doctor had to push it back into place. Seriously messed-up teeth going on over here.

My lip is healing and, after a week and a half, I can actually smile again. But chewing food isn't anywhere in my near future, so right now everything is a smoothie.

(Like, I just pureed bacon into my tomato bisque soup. Because WHAT BETTER WAY TO ADD PROTEIN?)

All I can say is THANK GOODNESS I CAN STILL WRITE! Other than occasional bouts of grumpy-hunger (because liquid diet) and tooth woe (but I'm finally off the Ibuprofen, so yay!), I've been able to move forward with both my copyedits (done!) and my WIP (almost done!).

Here's the exciting news I announced in THIS MONTH'S NEWSLETTER (go to to subscribe!):

1. The official new title of my novel is STORMRISE!

2. The official release date is September 10, 2019. My dad's 86th birthday!



I know it's been a while! I'm nailing down the details with the agent and I will post submission guidelines as soon as I have them.

All good stuff, despite my bit of a mishap. (Tell you what, though. The support of family and friends is SUCH A HUGE THING. I don't think I'd be where I'm at without it.)

Keep your eye on this (largely quiet but ready to wake up again) blog for details on the Secret Agent Contest as well as upcoming in-house critique sessions. I'm still here for you! (Especially now that the copyedits are done.)

Have a fabulous weekend!