Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Our Third Annual Baker's Dozen Agent Auction: Schedule and Facts!

It's here!  Well, almost.  Welcome, everyone, to the season of the third annual BAKER'S DOZEN AGENT AUCTION!

For the newcomers:  The Baker's Dozen Agent Auction is MSFV's biggest event of the year.  60 250-word entries, hand-picked by Jodi Meadows and Authoress, will be placed on the auction block for agents to bid on (with requests for pages, up to a full manuscript request).  It bears the name "Baker's Dozen" because the original auction in 2010 included 13 agents--a baker's dozen.  The actual auction is in December, but the fun starts NOW!


Each Baker's Dozen entry is required to have a logline.

What is a logline?  A logline is a 1- to 2-sentence pitch that encapsulates your story and makes us want to read it.  See HERE and HERE for advice on writing an effective logline.

We will have 3 critique rounds for those of you who would like feedback on your loglines prior to submitting. These rounds will be run as lotteries. Times TBA.

ROUND 1: Tuesday, September 25 (submissions on Monday, September 24)
ROUND 2: Tuesday, October 9 (submissions on Monday, October 8)
ROUND 3: Tuesday, October 16 (submissions on Monday, October 15)


ADULT ROUND 1: Tuesday, October 30 (100 entries)
ADULT ROUND 2: Thursday, November 1 (100 entries)
YA/MG ROUND 1: Tuesday, November 6 (150 entries)
YA/MG ROUND 2: Thursday, November 8 (150 entries)


25 adult category winners notified via email: Monday, November 12
35 YA/MG category winners notified via email: Monday, November 19

60 WINNING ENTRIES POSTED: Friday, November 30

AUCTION GOES LIVE FOR AGENTS: Tuesday, December 4 (for 24 hours)


  • There will be a $10 entry fee for this contest. Yes, that is $2 more than last year.  Blame it on Paypal fees.  (And no, I won't be raising the fee every year just for the fun of it.  I feel like $10 is a fair entrance fee.)  To avoid confusion:  Yes, every entry must pay the fee.  This is the ONLY EVENT I charge for, simply because of the amount of work it takes to pull it off.  
  • A maximum of 500 entries (200 adult, 300 YA/MG) will be accepted. Of these, 60 winners will be chosen (25 adult, 35 YA/MG).
  • If the maximum number of adult entries isn't reached, the remainder will be added to the YA/MG entry maximum (because you know as well as I do that I'm going to be inundated with kidlit).
  • The 60 winning entries will receive critique from editors, authors, and blog readers, in addition to being on the auction block for our participating agents.
  • The (up to) 440 non-winning entries will be given the option to receive critique on the blog via lottery at a later date. (Because, yanno, I can't exactly post hundreds of entries for critique simultaneously.)

Names of participating agents (and critiquing editors and authors) will be posted as soon as they are finalized.  I've already got a great response!

Just a reminder that there will be no Secret Agent contest in November. October's SA will run as planned. And, yes. You may enter the October SA and still submit to the Baker's Dozen auction. Unless you win the SA contest, of course.

Questions?  Ask below!  But please don't ask specific questions about submissions: I will be posting detailed instructions as we get closer to the submission dates.  I promise that everything you need to know will be included in that post.

Spread the word. Invite your friends. And start working on your loglines!


  1. Wahoo!! So excited! Thanks for hosting yet another great contest!

  2. Yay, Authoress for doing so much work to help out fledgling writers. Now, back to the logline writing...

  3. I am terribly excited! I wasn't ready for last year's Baker's Dozen, but it wouldn't miss it this year for the world. Now to polish up the logline...

  4. Thank you for posting the links for logline advice. This is what I'll need to work on in the next weeks!

    This will be my first year to participate and for now, I don't have any questions. I'm looking forward to the coming weeks and months!

  5. Awesome!! Can't Wait! You Rock!

  6. OMG--I can't believe it's already time again!

    Last year at this time, I was revising hard so that my ms would be ready to enter in the auction. This year, I'm revising hard because the auction netted me an agent, and she scored me a book deal, and my editor has now sent me her editorial letter. =)

    This contest does great things! Hooray for Authoress and Jodi!

  7. Excellent! I'm new to MSFV and can't wait to participate in the contests!

  8. Whoop! I'm so excited to see all this go down again!!

  9. I'm new to MSFV - can you tell me what exactly is submitted for the Baker's Dozen

  10. I am so excited! I'm going to enter (if possible). I done some critiquing on various contests you have had over the years, but never entered. Can hardly wait!

  11. I'm a newbie to MSFV but keep hearing about the mythical Bakers Dozen auction. I'll be polishing like mad! I will also jello wrestle for a spot, if that will increase my chances...? lol

  12. Best event of the year! Good luck to everyone who enters! Can't wait to read all the entries and watch the agents battle it out. So fun!

  13. Wait- you mean we can enter even if we were in a recent SA? I was in the August SA for adults and wasn't our wonderful agent's cup of tea. Which is fine- it happens. But the critter response was good and gave me hope (and ideas). My original intent was to enter my new MG, but that's not gonna happen unless the space creatures I'm writing about take over my body and make me work harder (come on, space creatures!)

    I have a good logline for my unfinished MS and a lousy one for my finished MS. Ain't that the way it always goes!

    You and Jodi are da bomb! All the work you two put into this contest is amazing. I look forward to all the great entries!

  14. I'm really eager for this; I've followed the blog for a while but have never tried for the Baker's Dozen.

    Will the $10 fee start with the loglines, or come with the actual auction entries?

    Thanks for all you do!

  15. It's even more exciting now that I can enjoy it from the sidelines. Can't wait to see the entries and cheer everyone on!

  16. Can we enter both adult and YA? Different manuscripts, of course.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Guys, great things come from this event. I was in it last year, and am now agented--although my agent wasn't one of the agents participating. However, being chosen for the auction is a great boost for the confidence, and I think that's what pushed me into the position I'm in now.

    I look forward to visiting the entries in December.

  19. Charlie -- The $10 fee is only to enter the actual auction. Entering one of the logline critique rounds doesn't cost anything.

    Anon -- Yes, you may enter a (different) manuscript for each of the categories.

  20. Dear Authores,
    If we make it past the logline stage, what will we then be submitting? I wasn't around last year, so this is new to me.

  21. Georgia Girl -- You don't have to "make it past" a stage; the logline rounds are for practice. The actual submissions will consist of a logline and the first 250 words of your manuscript.

  22. So, I'm likely missing something obvious, but how do you know which round to submit your logline on?

  23. Hi!

    I just want to be clear about what the entry should look like. Should it include just a logline and the first 250 words? What about WC, genre and a regular length query?


  24. Previous participants: On the logline crit days, do we just post them to comments and go to town? How has this worked in the past?

  25. katec -- Submissions for the next Logline Critique Round will open on Monday. Submission guidelines will be on the blog first thing in the morning that day.

  26. As always, thanks so much for hosting this! :)

  27. Hi. I know the submission for the third logline critique round is on Monday the fifteenth, but I couldn't find what time I need to submit by. Could you let me know? Also, do I submit to the comments or an email? Thanks so much...I just found out about this, so sorry for all the questions! :)

  28. Anyone else concerned about hurricane Sandy affecting submissions? I just know I'll lose power all day on the 30th... :(

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