Wednesday, September 26, 2012

An Authoress Interview

I am always arrested by the graciousness of these interviewers!  A big "thank you" to Amy at Chasing the Crazies for THIS INTERVIEW.

Once you've popped over, please take a moment to leave a comment for Amy.  Because everyone knows how good those comments feel, and I'd like to shower her with a few!

Writer Odyssey Wednesday -- The Illustrious Authoress



  1. So cool! Great learning how it all started. :)

  2. Awesome interview and I left Amy a comment. Thank you. This was the perfect thing for me to read today!

  3. I left a comment for Amy. I'm so glad you do interviews. Pianist. Hadn't thought of that. Need to read the other interviews.

  4. Sure, I'd call you illustrious! :)

  5. Why is Blogger always so hungry for comments????

    Anyway, I read the interview and was totally inspired, I went straight to writing!

    I *loved* this quote...

    "ecause…the best you can do today is not the best you will be able to do tomorrow. This is a journey, and we’ve got to be willing to keep traveling until we reach our destination."

    I hope it goes down in the history books!

  6. Well, Amelia, you're the 2nd person, then. ;)

    And Ink? Thank you! You've made me feel momentarily immortal. ;P