Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Fricassee

Happy Friday!

We've already established that the vast majority of us are introverts (or ambiverts, a label I'm pleased to share with some of you).  I'm now wondering if I'm also among friends in my propensity to get overly geeked about things that, perhaps, the Average Jane doesn't get geeked over.

Like this weekend.  Mr. A and I have planned--wait for it--a shopping trip.  The Big Reason for this trip is Mr. A's recent promotion at work.

Hooray, hooray for Mr. A!!

Silly as the business world is (and perhaps "pretentious" is a better word), my dear husband has had to upgrade his wardrobe.  Better shirts, better pants, and lots of ties.  As in, lots of ties.

Naturally, he relies on me to help him choose said ties.  "Would this tie go with my blue shirt?" (as if I have a photographic memory) and "Would I need charcoal pants to go with this tie?" (as if I am a fashion expert).  Honestly, he's so adorable, I don't mind.  But I'm not quite sure I should be THIS EXCITED over a day-long shopping spree.  We do have a knack for making outings feel like dates, so there's that.  And, yes, I'll be able to shop for myself, too.  And probably have a nice latte or something. 

Shopping is fun, right?  Especially husband-sanctioned shopping.  But the fact that I've been counting the days until Saturday whispers, "Authoress needs a life."

Truth is, I love staying home.  Especially in the evening, when I'm happiest in my jammies with a book or a WIP.  Or possibly watching Star Trek: The Next Generation.  My favorite "meal out" is breakfast, because, yes, I'm one of those annoying Morning People.

(Sometimes I go grocery shopping at seven in the morning.  That doesn't excite me, though. That just gets the job done before people multiply and become annoying.)

So maybe it's the fact that ANY outing of magnitude is enough to ring my bells.  Or maybe (I flatter myself) I've learned to enjoy simple pleasures, and don't actually need a weekend jaunt to NYC or an evening of gourmet food and the symphony.  I'm happy to have a cup of gelato with my sweetie on a summer evening.

Then there's the outside-the-box stuff that makes me crazy-happy.  Like spelunking on Christmas Day (which we did last year).  Working on a short film that stars my dad.  Driving an hour and a half for a hike and a picnic (with wine) because of the breathtaking views.  Visiting an alpaca farm.  (We haven't done that yet. It's next on my list.)

All that to say -- what floats your boat? Do you find that your leisure time is spent in less-than-mainstream ways?  Are you happy as a clam for the opportunity to return books to the library?  Or does your inner social butterfly soar to new heights each time you go out the door?

I'll think of you tomorrow while I'm trying on jeans and keeping track of my husband's new tie obsession.  Here's hoping your weekend is mine!


  1. Wow, Authoress, I think you and I are kindred spirits. Staying home, curled up in jammies, 7am grocery shopping, STNG, and the occasional fun shopping trip, all sound like me. In fact, I'm already looking forward to Christmas because it means getting out to shop, alone (or maybe with my hubby) - but then again I have 3 young kids,so the joy of being out alone might be part of it.

    About the only other thing that makes me gloriously happy (besides writing) is cake decorating - which may sound weird, but it's just another way of being a part of the creative process and doing something I love.

    Congrats to Mr. A, and hope you have a fabulous shopping trip this weekend!

  2. My husband is challenged in the fashion department, you could say, so he is also frequently looking for advice.
    I have found the best ties at museum gift shops, of all places. Because ties can actually be really, really fun.
    Seriously! They can highlight the man's personality while still making him look professional.
    Give it a try. :)

  3. I go out every day, even if it's only for a walk in the park. Seeing the ever-changing nature is fascinating. Shopping to me is a necessity, not a pleasure. Since I traveled a lot in my wayward youth, I'm satisfied to stick closer to home. But every month, I spend a few days somewhere else in this glorious country, and seek out things of amazing beauty and quirky brilliance. It restores my soul.

  4. Spelunking on Christmas? How awesome! This post made me smile. The hubby and I love gelato, summer evenings, and yummy lattes. Making life worth while and really being happy is what it is all about.

  5. Congrats to Mr. A! Hope you have a happy day tomorrow!

    I need to get out of the house a little more often. I think it comes from spending almost a decade in cramped apartments with babies/toddlers. Now that I only have one preschooler at home, I love to get out of the house at least once a day, if possible.

    One of my birthday gifts this year was three months of fencing lessons. The first couple of lessons brought back memories of clumsy me in gym class. But after a month now, I LOVE it! Swords are just plain awesome. But I actually am learning something as well as having a great time. And having one night a week where I get to go by myself to enjoy some social time and get an adrenalin rush...Perfect!

  6. I think it's wonderful to be able to enjoy ordinary things, and a day of shopping with husband sounds like a lot of fun!
    I also love going out for breakfast, day-trips to Northern AZ (which we haven't done in AGES),and seeing my kids' school performances is my favorite special evening out.
    PS: I just noticed that both my "new" critique partners commented above--but I guess that makes sense since I found them in Miss Snark's Critique Partner Match-Up! :)

  7. Amelia, I'm just SO jealous of your fencing lessons! It's one of those things I REALLY want to do. I love swords, too! Good for you for jumping right in. :)

  8. My kids are grown and gone, and I work exclusively at home now, and though I can leave the house whenever I want, I don't. I love my home, but I miss being around people. I'm a very social person who craves interaction with friends, so every month I'm deliriously happy when a small group of my writer friends here in Bend, Oregon, gather to chat writing and the publishing industry. We do other things together, too, like going out for dinner and group nature hikes (which we need to do more of), and a movie date is in our new future.

    Congrats to Mr. A on his promotion! Woohoo! My husband was promoted last May, but his work attire hasn't changed. However, he makes more frequent trips out of town and I miss him when he's gone. :(

  9. Promotions are awesome! It's certainly something to celebrate, and a fun day together sounds perfect.

    My favorite times of the day all involve pajamas - the first few moments after I wake up and don't have to get up yet, putting on my pajamas, and the few minutes at night when I get in bed and the sheets are still cold. I need to find hobbies that involve going out and seeing people. Or at least getting dressed.

  10. I'm the fashion coordinator for my darling husband, he trusts me with the nuances of tie selection for big meetings and business trips.
    "Yep, that red is perfect for the dinner -- friendly and accessible, but go with the blue for the meeting, conveys more authority."

    This weekend I'm breaking out of my family bubble and going to a free SCBWI lecture on what to do before and after your book is published. It will be held at a library in Tampa (near where I live). It's my first writerly outing. : )

    Congrats to Mr. A, and enjoy your shopping and latte!

  11. Congrats to Mr. A and have fun shopping! I love shopping for my hubby. If he has to go with me, a pre-shopping martini for him makes life much simpler for me!

    We had Ken dolls as practice for married life. Ken didn't do much but be arm candy for Barbie, but he was fun to dress. I'm lucky that my husband loves fun ties, so I get him theme-ones, like with martini glasses, flamingos and even Harley-Davidson logos (the HD one is actually quite calm.)

    We like late-night shopping. I'm at my best in a grocery store at midnight. That's when all the weirdos come out- like me!