Friday, April 18, 2008

Friday Fricassee

Authoress to Self: Hmmm. Where did all my chatty writer/readers go?

Self to Authoress: Well, they're probably busy. You know, writing.

Authoress: That's a good thing.

Self: Yes, that's a good thing.

Authoress: But I really wanted to hear from them.

Self: I know.

Authoress: I really, really, really wanted to hear from them.

Self: Don't whine.

Authoress: How am I supposed to figure out what to do next if they don't tell me what they want me to do next?

Self: This is your blog.

Authoress: So?

Self: So, it's your blog. Do what you want to do.

Authoress: *blink*

Self: It's not that difficult. Take one of the good suggestions they've already left you and run with it.

Authoress: Just like that?

Self: Just like that.

Authoress: Like, the dialogue thing or the emotion thing of those things?

Self: Right.

Authoress: Right.

Self: And then they'll come back because they crave the feedback.

Authoress: And then they'll come back because they crave the feedback.

Self: Ur...right.

Authoress: And, after all, one of the things that Miss Snark's First Victim is all about is providing feedback for passionate writers.

Self: Now you're talking.

Authoress: Of course, if they want to leave a comment today to share their personal opinions, I'd be totally open to that.

Self: Of course you would.

Authoress: So I'll just open the floor, then, and invite them to chatter away for this week's Fricassee. Because I'm so totally open to suggestions and feedback. Because, after all, this blog is for them. I mean, it's my blog, but it's for them. They're the juice in my apricot; the battery in my flashlight; the --

Self: That pretty much says it.

Authoress: Right.

Self: I'm glad we had this little chat.

Authoress: Hey. If I can't talk to myself, who can I talk to?


  1. Funny. Umm...we don't talk cause you don't ask a direct question that makes us want to reply.

    Yes start a emotion one. Like fear or anger. Okay there you go now you have a goal. Decide which emotion to go with.

    See I'm being very bossy today. :)

  2. A woman after my own heart. :)

  3. I'm going to have a glass of wine and mull it over.

    (Bad pun certainly not intended.)

  4. I really like the dialogue idea. I hammer the crap out of my dialogue so I can always use help beating it up. 8^)

  5. Karen, my husband has had me practically peeing in my pants as he's read my bad dialogue. I couldn't ask for a better dialogue critic. Nothing sounds quite so stupid as when one's spouse is reading it, well, stupidly. :D

  6. I love the idea of getting my other half to read my dialogue. I just need to remember not to say "nooo, don't say it like that!"

  7. I think you set a WC just like you did with the first page and then set your topic: send in a portion of dialogue or emotion scene with a brief 2 line sound bite about the scene (IE: 'Don and Joe are fighting over who gets to take Mary to the dance' or 'I'm trying to accomplish XYZ through this dialogue and Bob and Lucy are 16' etc.)

    (sorry I wasn't around--I was in Mexico for a week)

  8. Oh I forgot to mention that I tagged you. Stop by the muse or the zombies might get you...*creepy music*

  9. Oh cool, Angela! I will stop by for sure. :)

    Sorry I've haven't posted the new feedback thingie yet -- things have been crazy. I'll get right to it as soon as I can tomorrow (Tuesday).