Monday, April 14, 2008

Tell me what you think, Dear Writers...

Angela made the suggestion, in the comment box, that we might explore "dialogue segments, examples of emotions (showing an angry scene, a fearful one, etc.)" here on the blog.

Brainstorm with me on this one, will you? How might we set something like this up where it wouldn't be too difficult to manage, and would be as helpful to participants as our recent Are You Hooked? seems to have been?

I'm into exploring creative approaches to hone writing and "test the waters" for an enthusiastic audience.

I await your comments!


  1. Ugh! Sorry... I've been un-bloggy for the last week. :S I missed this, but it looks like a good challenge. :) Off to comment on the posts.

  2. Well, I'm VERY glad to see you! :)

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