Thursday, August 6, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Dorky title, that. But I'm not feeling particularly clever today.

I want to thank you for the not-unexpected outpouring of warmth and congratulations for Elissa, as well as the kudos you've tossed gently my way. I've often expressed my belief that the community that's grown up around this blog is special. You've proven it once again.

The blog continues to grow, prosper, move in new directions (like our recent and uber-successful Query Contest!). On the horizon: Automated contest submissions, a brand new blog lay-out, new Secret Agents, and other Good Things--not the least of which will be a page filled with success stories like Elissa's.

I'll admit that it overwhelms me. I love this blog, love the community here. And I want to do these things. It boils down to the only-so-many-hours-in-a-day thing.

Bear with me while I procrastinate, won't you?

Of course, my writing (like your writing) needs to come first, which gives me an excellent reason to procrastinate on the blog projects. The first round of edits on my YA dystopic is going well...but it's only a first round, so there's much work ahead. That, and I have a complete re-write of another novel to tackle (talk about procrastinating). That, and I have a non-writing life portion that needs to be tended to.

That, and the grocery store hasn't restocked my favorite brand of cashews for FOUR WEEKS now, and I'm starting to twitch.

Anyway, that's me, that's the blog, that's the forward movement. Thoughts? Questions? Free cashews? Bring 'em on!


  1. Real life intervenes and we need 'time away' (check out my blog for a post about this) every now and then.

    Write when you write, blog when you blog, and whatever you do, stock up on those cashews, especially the chocolate covered ones! Without sustenance, the writing brain tends to get a bit sluggish!


  2. You must take time for your own writing. You do so much for everyone else.

    Take that time and find those cashews. Our little vices mean so much.

  3. My Dear Ms. Authoress, your blog page has provided so many amazing gifts to the writing community that any reduction in post would be a tragedy. Nevertheless, there are (indeed) "only-so-many-hours-in-a-day" and your YA writing MUST come first - after the freaking cashews that is...

  4. I'm very concerned about the cashews, really I am. If they don't get some stocked soon you must put your foot down.

    Good luck with your work! Things are moving along wonderfully for your writing and your blog. Yay!

  5. Authoress -- your blog is indespensible to us aspiring types. I've learned so much since I first came here, both about the whole agent process (buy her book, people!) and hooks, queries and general openings. So much that an aspiring writer needs to know before they ship off their baby to market. However, you are a writer and must write, just as the rest of us must. Whatever you do here must come second or third after Mr. Authoress and your own writing. I'll leave the order of importance up to you ;).

    You rock!

    Miss Aspirant.

  6. I'm glad you are progressing well with your edits. You have inspired me to tackle mine with more discipline. Sometimes I look at how much I need to fix and it seems so overwhelming.

    I hope you don't feel pressured to do all those things you mentioned. Your readership, I'm sure, is patient and loyal. I think it's great you have that 1000 word queue, you can always post one of those on a day you don't feel like posting. And I'm not just saying that 'cause I have one in the queue. Okay, maybe I am.

    Thanks for everything.

  7. Take the time you need for you. Trust us when we say we'll be here when you have the time to blog. I can only imagine the amount of work to put in to MSFV, but it shows.

    Although, I have to say I got a little depressed when you didn't post while you were on vacay. I get a little itchy without my regular dose!

    Thanks for being awesome!

  8. One small step for cashews,

    One large leap for the community.

    Vacuum cleaners suck.

    Fridges were made for guilty western societies to chuck their leftovers into to rot enough to toss.

    Kids? Didn't there used to be a saying "should be seen and not heard"?

    Writing outside of life, there's no such thing as life outside of writing.

    Husbands are made for changing tires, mowing lawns, and looking for cashews from non-reticent supers. Any man worth his salt will find the nuts it rests on.

    My secret word is hicas. In my dictionary I'd make it mean looking for cashews.

    Tell your other significant to higas


  9. I'm in almost the same boat as you. - I have a new novel I'm trying to re-edit so it'll be ready to send out at the end of August, AND I have a complete rewrite of my old manuscript, (which I'm really excited about, plus the synopsis for the novels after).

    Aside from my writing life, I have a 3-year-old and a 4-month-old to look after, PLUS my Nurse Assistant classes, clinical's, and graduation next week! State test is September 3rd.

    I'm exhausted, but I love the adrenaline rush! *wink*

  10. I like the blog just the way it is, but that's me. And of course, you should put your writing first.

    Now as for the cashews, I can't help you there, but I did see chocolate covered cashews at the store the other day. If I could smush them through the modem to you, I would.

  11. I'm getting to your Thursday Thoughts on Saturday morning. You know why? I've had to put blog reading and blog writing a little further down on my list -- because it was overwhelming me and nothing else was getting done. So now I read a handful of blogs a day, comment on some, and move on. I used to go down my list and read 100 every day. You know what? I wasn't writing! Of course my "real" work was getting done, but as usual, I was left to the end of the to-do list.

    You could enlist help on the blog. Guest posts or someone to help monitor comments or write different pages. I'd throw my hat into the ring for that.

  12. I'd like to second the thanks for the outpouring of warmth and congrats. It really is wonderful to know I have such a great community of writers (and friends) behind me. Here's hoping there is more news like mine soon.

    And, Authoress, get to writing already! Don't worry about this place. I have a feeling it will take care of itself while you take care of the writing and non-writing life.

    And have you ever thought about hiring an intern? (Meaning, finding someone to volunteer to help with some of the more mundane aspects of your blog?) Just a thought...