Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In-House Crit: Drop the Needle!

Let's get the year rolling with our first in-house critique session.

Drop us into a scene that contains SOME SORT OF REVELATION. It can be anywhere in your story, and should be what you consider "pivotal". Make sure you give us a 1- to 2-sentence lead-in so we understand what's happening. (Sometimes people skip this part. Please don't do that. It's hard to land head-first in a scene without having any idea of the setting or characters.)

Submissions are open NOW and will remain open until 5 pm EST or until I receive 25 entries. All genres except erotica, as always.

The word count is set at 310. This gives you extra words for your lead-in.


Please note:  This critique is open to ALL manuscripts, whether complete or incomplete.  Please do proofread your excerpt before entering; I do not fix spelling and grammatical errors! (And it kills me.  Really.)

Entries will post on Thursday morning.  Please ask your questions below!


  1. Darn, I missed the cut off! Maybe next time. ;)

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