Monday, September 30, 2013

Winners for Logline Critique Round 1

Winning numbers have been drawn for Logline Critique Round 1 and the owners have all been emailed their entry numbers.

If you didn't get an email, I'm sorry; that means your ticket number wasn't selected.

Here is the complete list, so you may double check:
  • C7FQEOOP as ENTRY #1


  • L7CKFWZH as ENTRY #3

  • TBIBGU33 as ENTRY #4

  • MPQWI7GV as ENTRY #5

  • 61EI7Q1J as ENTRY #6

  • WO55UXOH as ENTRY #7

  • KT9AZ66D as ENTRY #8

  • NX345UGA as ENTRY #9

  • 1JBB5XAK as ENTRY #10

  • MFRHVV9U as ENTRY #11

  • 21SDGW9A as ENTRY #12

  • 5VMCGQ43 as ENTRY #13

  • L8HHDASZ as ENTRY #14


  • 772ZYIAF as ENTRY #16

  • 0AT5SO0T as ENTRY #17

  • QAX0JCX8 as ENTRY #18

  • A5HMAW5G as ENTRY #19

  • 1KUW61CQ as ENTRY #20

  • ZRKK2E0V as ENTRY #21

  • T8MAH3ZR as ENTRY #22

  • PZKSKN6B as ENTRY #23

  • 6FZ6ZU4U as ENTRY #24

  • PBD0BIL2 as ENTRY #25

  • KIELNP8P as ENTRY #26

  • AF8MYTTU as ENTRY #27

  • 2M9SW6IE as ENTRY #28

  • N16HWAAK as ENTRY #29

  • 7H57XEWU as ENTRY #30

  • ZPYZTA2Y as ENTRY #31

  • ZWRR1INK as ENTRY #32

  • 3M9H3E64 as ENTRY #33

  • P138DV5X as ENTRY #34

  • XTTCSU54 as ENTRY #35

  • 2Z50ZXS2 as ENTRY #36

  • 1TXN9ONY as ENTRY #37

  • 1BNM0KF9 as ENTRY #38

  • L1RDISW3 as ENTRY #39

The alternates are:

  • LGJ1AG3Q as ENTRY #ALT-1

  • 1Q5CQ7U2 as ENTRY #ALT-2


  1. Just wanted to let you know this is the second time I've gotten into one of your wonderful contests and have not received a notification email. I've checked my spam and trash folders and it's not in there either. I wonder if other people aren't getting their notification emails?

  2. I see my entry code listed on the site but did not receive an email either (checked SPAM and Trash). Looking forward to the log line critique!

  3. Happened to me as well. Very happy to have been selected in the lottery, but never received the email confirming that. I also did check spam and trash.

    But looking forward to the critique!

  4. Yeah, I'm not really sure why that happens, other than the odd chance that your email client is blacklisted. (Like hotmail, for instance, which my bot has always hated, it seems...)

  5. Thanks for this opportunity; I'm looking forward to checking out all the great loglines and getting feedback for mine.

  6. Hi, I was selected as an alternate and I'm not 100% sure what that means.

  7. Hmm, I'm on Gmail, which I wouldn't think would have issues with Blogger bots.

    Oh well; technology isn't perfect! Fingers hovering over keyboard to begin critiques. :)

  8. Carl -- Alternates are used in the event that one of the other entries is deemed unacceptable. If all the entries are okay, then the alternates are not used.

    Amanda -- You would think!

  9. Conrgrats to the winners!
    Were there a lot of entries for this round?

    I'll have to try again on the next one.

    Off to do some crits!

  10. Yay! So excited to do some crits (and get some insights on my own logline - which I just read and realized is a horrid run-on sentence. I was literally in the hospital on crazy-making pain meds when I entered, so there's that. Still, should be an awesome experience - MSFV always is!).

    I'm on gmail and also didn't get my notification email. But I stalk MSFV so it's all good. :P