Friday, March 18, 2016

Friday Fricassee

Oh, my lovelies.  I'm drafting.  And feeling all alive on the inside.

My wee book is just over 5200 words so far, which is hardly anything, and yet it's everything.  Because the words are there, and every day the story grows.

1000 words a day.  6 days a week.  My end date is June 30.

This is normally the point where I'd say, "Because I always write my first draft in 3 months."  That used to be true.  But my book-on-submission took me over a year to draft.  IT WAS CRAZY.  Hardest thing I ever wrote.  (I hope that means it's the best.  Really, I do.)

So, while I have every intention of actually being finished on June 30, I do have an eyebrow raised.  As in, "You're not going to catch me off guard."  (I think I'm starting this draft with more clarity than the last.)

Anyway.  It's too early in the process for me to have gotten stuck yet (it's inevitable, though I keep denying it), so right now I'm just feeling the HOORAY! of watching this thing grow beneath my fingers.  When I hit 10,000 words next week, I'll be celebrating, because everyone knows that a five-digit word count means it's REALLY REAL, yes?

I love being a writer.  I really really really LOVE BEING A WRITER.

Are you drafting?  Wave your hand!

And I'll see you Monday (early info day for our next Secret Agent Contest!).


  1. Just finished the second draft of a book I started mid January. Only 29K, but it was the easiest writing I've ever done. Hopefully someone else will like it :)

    Have fun with your project. Whew! 6000 words a week is a lot.

  2. OMG, I'm on your schedule exactly! Except I'm planning on writing seven days a week, and writing 2k on the days I skip, such as weekends. I'm not beyond writing more. Right now, I'm just got the first chapter and I'm writing things in scenes and important world building info, and then I plan on piecing it all together. I write like I paint or draw, ha ha. Good luck with your draft!

  3. I love that alive feeling inside when it comes to writing! I'm drafting a short story, but after that, on April 1st, I'm starting a new book. Can't wait!

  4. I'm still on first draft and have extended my deadline numerous times (LOL) but it's all coming together. 10k to go. Almost a year now....but my first mystery and so much weaving of various threads. And yes---it's so much fun!

    ps: I just love that adjustable target thing on Scrivener.


  5. *waving* Working on a first draft now and about a third of the way through. My goal is to finish sometime in May.

  6. *waving* Working on a first draft now and about a third of the way through. My goal is to finish sometime in May.