Monday, March 14, 2016

A Wish From Joan Paquette

Joan Paquette of Erin Murphy Literary Agency has a couple wishes!

Joan's wishes:
  • a YA novel that has an unconventional storytelling structure, series of interconnected short stories, or the like
  • a richly written YA set in present-day Asia: particularly Nepal, Tibet, Thailand, or Vietnam

Does your COMPLETED manuscript fit one of the above?  If so SUBMIT AS FOLLOWS:

  • Send your QUERY LETTER and the FIRST 250 WORDS of your (completed) manuscript to me via our online submission form.  (Please note:  If you neglect to include your query letter, YOUR ENTRY WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.)
  • Be sure to include the TITLE and GENRE of your work.
  • Choose a SCREEN NAME that is easily identifiable.
  • Submissions will open at NOON EASTERN TIME today, and will close 24 hours later, or as soon as I've received 50 entries--whichever comes first.  (I will be reading all the entries, so I have to limit the number I accept.)
Questions?  Please ask below!


  1. Do we just paste the query letter before/after the first 250 words? Does the query letter appear on the blog or just the 250 words? Many thanks.

    1. Louise --

      The query comes first, then a space, then the 250 words. Both will appear on the blog, if they are chosen.

  2. When I try to paste the first 250 words of my ms in the form, all that appears are the first and last lines. Is that as it should be? Or am I doing something wrong?

    1. Hmm. Try opening it in a different browser. It shouldn't be doing that.

  3. Oh no, too late for my YA dual POV timeslip! I hate the time converter apps-you'd think, as Australia runs ahead, I'd be early, not late. But sadly, never the case!