Monday, March 7, 2016

Another MSFV Success Story

This is a lovely, indirect success story, proving once more that there are SO MANY DIFFERENT PATHS our success stories can take.  Please note that EACH OF YOU WHO OFFERED FEEDBACK TO THIS ENTRY are a part of this story!  In the author's own words:

When I entered the Baker’s Dozen contest in fall 2014, I was beginning to lose hope that my middle grade novel in verse would ever find its place in the world. (I’d just been in “PitchWars” with it and received zero agent requests.) I was thrilled when two agents started bidding on my entry! The agent who won the full manuscript ended up passing on it, and in the end, I never did sign with an agent. Doesn't sound like a success story, right? But it is. See, the comments I received on my entry were so encouraging. They helped me keep believing in my story, and that made all the difference.

Bolstered by the Baker’s Dozen feedback, I decided to query a publisher directly. They asked for the full, and then …They offered! I’m so grateful to you and the wonderful online writing community for encouraging me and helping me stick with it until my story found its home. Thank you for all you do to help and support writers!

ROOT BEER CANDY AND OTHER MIRACLES will be published by Pajama Press this fall.

Shari Green

Congratulations, Shari!


  1. Awww that's awesome! I love. Happy ending. And that cover is great!!

  2. Congratulations! And yes, the cover is so-fun!

  3. Love stories like this! Congratulations!

  4. Fabulous! Thanks for sharing and congratulations!

  5. Yay,Shari! I am so happy that this lovely novel found a home.:) And thank you, Authoress, for all you do.

  6. Congratulations Shari! Can't wait to read it.

  7. So happy that you persevered! Congrats!

  8. Having watched a lot of your story unfold, I love seeing the successful ending!

    1. Thanks Rosalyn! I'm so thankful to have such a supportive community of writers.