Friday, February 15, 2013

Friday Fricassee

All I can say is:  11 short? Really??

Okay.  I'll give you until noon Eastern to reach the 100 mark on comments to yesterday's post.  Because I really do want to give away a B&N gift card.

To those of you who did comment:  Wow!  Such a beautiful glimpse into your hearts and minds.  I realize that what I've asked has required vulnerability and honesty.  I'll bet many of you twitched more than a little when you had to say something about yourself that you loved.

Want to hear an interesting observation?

Some of you were more comfortable sharing things you CAN DO instead of things ABOUT YOU PERSONALLY.  It's a subtle difference--and it's perfectly okay to love the things you can do.  (I mean, we all love that we can write stories, yes?  It's all good.)

But there's a huge difference between, "I love that I can (fill in the blank)", and "I love my (fill in the blank)" or "I love that I am (fill in the blank)".

Examples from yesterday:

"I love my bravery."
"I love my tenacity."
"I love that I'm able to forgive easily."
"I love that I am honest."

Then, too, there were the physical characteristics, which certainly take bravery and a level of self-confidence to which we all should aspire:

"I love my hair."
"I love my big butt."

(Seriously. Love. That.)

I'm not saying that some of your I-love-about-mes were better or worse than others.  I'm pointing out, really, how hard it is for most of us to SIMPLY LOVE OURSELVES.

And yes. I include myself in this.

It's much easier to say, "I love that I can toss pizza dough ten feet in the air and catch it every time!" than it is to say, "I love that I am confident."

Easier to say, "I love the way I feel when I play a Beethoven sonata well!" than it is to say, "I love that I am musically gifted."

Easier to say, "I love that I've been trying to get published for seven years without quitting!" than it is to say, "I love that I am tenacious."

Sometime in the next twenty-four hours, I want you to stand alone in front of your reflection, and say, "I love that I am ______."  And fill in a character trait or innate gifting.

Are you LOYAL?  Are you FUNNY?  Are you COMPASSIONATE?  Are you HARDWORKING?  Are you BRAVE?  Own it!  Love yourself for it!

And here's the kicker:  Can you look at your reflection and say, "I love me because I'm me!"?

I hope you can.  I hope I can.

Because...THERE IS SO MUCH THAT IS BEAUTIFUL IN THE COLLECTIVE YOU.  Which means there is a lot that is beautiful about the individual yous.

(Oh, and seriously?  Those of you who love certain physical characteristics about yourselves are rocking it!  Society and past hurts and poor self images make it so difficult for us to love things about our bodies.)

All right, then!  If you want to leave a comment to bring the total to 100, please leave it on yesterday's post; not here.

Next week: Secret Agent!  If you haven't found the COURAGE to critique on this blog, give yourself permission to step into the water.  We learn first by watching, and then by doing.  If you've done a lot of watching, it's time to test your own wings.

Oh -- one more thing!  You might like to know that I AM FINALLY DRAFTING MY NEW NOVEL.  Your advice was invaluable; your support immeasurable.  I'm wrapping up the end of chapter 2 right now, and forging ahead with my 1000-words-a-day, 6-days-a-week schedule. And...I'm loving it!

Have a brilliant weekend!


  1. Authoress, I love that you made us do this.

    I admit, I sat and stared at the comment box yesterday, not sure what to write. Not sure if I wanted to try. But I did, and I thank you for not only making me realize there are things I love about myself, but helping me find the courage to admit it in public.

    Thank you for all you do for us as people, not just as writers.

  2. Great, great post. And you've convinced me to go back and do what I should have done yesterday, leave a comment. Thanks!

  3. Hurray for drafting something new! :o)

  4. Go, Authoress!! Draft away!!!

    (Oh no! Captcha number is now as long as a zip code. My poor failing eyes!)

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  6. Congratulations on your novel! And thank you for this wonderful, heartfelt post. It's so important to love yourself, and I often forget to.