Monday, January 8, 2018

Introducing the Jillian Boehme Web Site

I'm a little excited about this, everyone!

Thanks to my darling husband's many hours of work, my author web site is up and running and ready for your eyeballs!

You can now click on my author pic to the right, or click on the Jillian Boehme tab above, and you'll arrive at

Naturally, I've got a newsletter for you to sign up for.  And I'm SUPER excited to let you know that I'm giving away a FREE AUDIOBOOK to everyone who signs up for my newsletter!

I wrote THE WISHING SEED a number of years ago, and there is, of course, a story behind it.  At the time, I was an avid reader of editor Cheryl Klein's blog, and one day I left a rhyming comment beneath one of her posts.  She liked it so much that she told me she'd love to read any submission of mine that was a rhyming children's book.

Piece of cake, thought I.  For whatever reason, verse has always come easily to me, so I thought I could whip out a little story in no time.

I couldn't have been more wrong!  It was painstaking to both create a solid story arc and write it in perfect meter and rhyme.  Lesson learned!  But I did it, and I sent it to Cheryl, as she had requested.  It wasn't for her, but she was kind enough to send along the names of two other publishers she thought might be interested in it.

They both passed, and THE WISHING SEED was tucked lovingly away among my other works.  After a while, I sort of forgot about it.

Then, when I was trying to come up with a special gift to offer my newsletter subscribers, I came upon THE WISHING SEED, and I was struck with the idea of creating an audiobook--just for you!

Fortunately, my multifaceted husband has an entire recording studio upstairs, so he was happy to make the recording for me.  (He gets so much credit!)

So, yes, THE WISHING SEED is written by me and narrated by me.  It was a lot of fun, and I hope you enjoy the fruit of my (our) labor.

(Also, speaking into a microphone in front of a pile of pillows and trying not to make a single mistake is fairly anxiety-producing.  I don't know how people do this for a living!  Though probably they don't have piles of pillows in professional studios.)



  1. Hooray! It up and looking good. I don't have a facebook account, so I can't comment on the blog over there.

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  3. How lovely to see your face in the real, Jillian. I'm looking forward to following your posts as usual too. Happy New Year from Brisbane, Australia. :)

  4. I finally got a chance to listen to The Wishing Seed! It was marvelous and I can't wait to let my grandson listen! A monotone narration can make my eyes gloss over, so Know that your voice kept me engaged. Great job changing the tones with each character's dialogue! And oddly enough, I suddenly want bacon and cherry pie. Um, not particularly together though. LoL

    1. Oh, thank you so much! I so appreciate this. Perhaps my theatre background is helpful to have, after all...?

      I dunno. Doesn't bacon go with EVERYTHING? :)

      Would love to know if your grandson enjoys it! (The story, not bacon. xo)