Monday, April 26, 2021

Sputtering to a Start

Maybe you're wondering why nothing else has come down the pike over here. I DON'T BLAME YOU.

Basically, when I ran our in-house critique last month, the bot crashed. I was able to receive entries by hand, which was fine--but, moving forward, I've got to get things straightened out. Michael, my illustrious and indispensable creator and maintainer of the bot, is as busy as can be, so I don't like to hound him.


I am going to try to continue to offer some smaller-scale things that I can upload by hand. In a way, this fits the feel of the blog a little better right now. Eventually, I'm hoping we can get things running the way they once were.

Obviously, I can't run another Secret Agent Contest until the bot has been fixed. What I want to do next is to run another CRITIQUE PARTNER DATING SERVICE. I need to make sure the system I come up with is workable on both ends before I launch this.

To help me gauge interest, will you please do me a favor? Leave me a comment below, letting me know if either you'd be interested in finding new critique partners or you have writer friends you know are looking for critique partners that you'd be happy to send our way. We've had great success with this in the past, and I definitely want to resurrect it!

In other news, we're closing on our new home THIS FRIDAY, so my life is sort of looking like this right now:

We have LOVED living in our apartment for the past 6 months--who knew??  We're actually staying here an extra couple of weeks so that we have time to do some painting in the new house and to move in s-l-o-w-l-y instead of having one big, exhausting moving day.

So, yes, I'm in the midst of All The Moving, but I didn't want to leave this blog by the wayside. PLEASE DO LEAVE A COMMENT concerning the Critique Partner Dating Service--I will be hanging on your every word!


I am currently accepting a LIMITED NUMBER of Premiere Critiques. Please email me at to secure your spot. A Premiere Critique looks like this:

*a line-edit of your first 75 pages

*a detailed editorial letter

*guaranteed 1-week turnaround

*cost: $289 payable in 2 installments via Venmo or Paypal

I will accept any genre except Erotica or Erotic Romance, in all categories (adult, YA, MG). Feel free to email me if you have any questions.


  1. Rather than individual critique partners, perhaps you might suggest that aspiring novelists join the onogoing-for-a-decade group critique circle at the Internet Writing Workshop ( Many of the writers are quite good at their craft, and though you're critiquing more and shorter chunks of writing, you're not flaking on a partner if you are too busy to participate in a given week.

    1. Thanks for this, Brent! I will check it out. I think it's important to look into various ways of getting good critique for sure.

  2. I'm always interested in meeting new crit partners. Fresh eyes on a MS are never a bad thing.

  3. I am super interested in finding a critique partner!

  4. Always interested in connecting with new critique partners!

  5. I'm re-drafting and in need of eyes that haven't seen the first versions, so yes! I'm in for a CRITIQUE PARTNER DATING SERVICE. I write MG, contemporary fantasy. TYIA!

  6. I'm in for a critique partner!

  7. Congrats on the move! Both exhausting and exhilarating. Though I'm not currently in need of a crit partner, it sounds like a good idea.

    1. Thank you! Yes, you've nailed -- exhausting and exhilarating. We are feeling much more settled now and are loving our new home!

  8. I'm late seeing this (I've spent the last two months also doing the "paint the new place, move in slowly" thing), but CPDS is exactly what I need. I'm dying for a non-relative to read this MS and tell me if I'm ready to query or not.

    Thanks for doing this, and good luck on the move.

    1. Perfect! And oh, solidarity on the painting-before-moving thing. Oy!

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