Thursday, November 28, 2013

Baker's Dozen Critique Guidelines

Once again, it's Baker's Dozen Eve!  (Also Thanksgiving night and the first night of Chanukah.  That must count for something!)

Here are a few critique guidelines:
  • Please use a screen name instead of "Anonymous".  Using a screen name does not require that you have a Blogger account, or any other account.  Simply choose the "Name/URL" option for signing in, and type whatever screen name you'd like to use.  The URL part isn't necessary.
  • While it's fine to comment on whether or not the logline worked for you, the main thrust of your critique should focus on the actual writing.  
  • As always, a mixture of tact and honesty is the best approach.
  • Hundreds of critiques will be flooding my inbox, and I won't be able to police them (unless I stop the rest of life for the next four days).  If you see something that is VERY SNARKY, please let me know.  (By "very snarky", I mean "completely inappropriate".  This does not include comments on your own work that may have hurt your feelings because they've pointed out some flaws.  I will not delete legitimate critique.)
  • IMPORTANT:  Please DO NOT CRITIQUE during the auction (Tuesday, December 3, 11 am EST to Wednesday, December 4, 11 am EST).  I have encouraged the agents to subscribe to the comments of the posts they're bidding on, and they don't need to be bombarded with critiques while they're trying to win something.  THANK YOU FOR ABIDING BY THIS.
  • ENTRANTS:  Please critique a minimum of 5 of the entries.  Also, please refrain from commenting on the comments on your own work.  For one thing, most people will not return to a comment box they've already left a critique in.  For another, it's not a good idea to try to justify/explain/defend your work to those who are critiquing.  Read quietly, sift through, keep what's golden and reject what doesn't work for you.
Pop your last-minute questions below!

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