Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Baker's Dozen Agent Auction: What to Expect

It's our fourth time around, but it's always a good idea to lay everything out, not only for our first-time participants, but for everyone.   Here's what's coming:
  • The entries will post on Friday morning, early Eastern time.  As soon as they're live, you may begin leaving critique.  (I will post critique guidelines on Thursday.)
  • Our participating agents are free to begin reading the entries on Friday, and continue over the weekend.  It's the reason I post them early--it gives the agents a chance to find their favorites and know ahead of time exactly which entries they want to bid on.
  • Critiques from our participating editors and authors may occur at any time, so keep your eye out.  The adult entries will be critiqued by editor Mallory Braus and author Nancy Bilyeau; the YA and MG entries will be critiqued by editors Brett Wright and Laura Whitaker and author Peter Salomon.
  • Bidding will open on Tuesday, December 3 at 11:00 am EST, sharp!  At this time, agents will bid on the entries they want to see.  Opening bids must be a minimum of 5 pages (that is, a request to see the first 5 pages).  Each entry will go to the highest bidder, with a full request being the obvious highest bid.  (No critiquing will occur on this day.)
  • Not every entry will receive bids.  This doesn't mean the un-bid-upon entries stink.  It just means that none of our participating agents were captivated.  (They are kaboodles of other fish in the sea, yes?)
  • Bidding will officially close on Wednesday, December 4 at 11:00, to complete a full 24-hour bidding window.  Most of the action, however, will be at the front end.
  • After the auction closes, I will hook the winners up with the agents who have *won* them.  And if history repeats itself (as I fully expect it will), several success story will officially be in the making. 
And that's it!  If you have any questions not pertaining to the critiquing guidelines (which, as I said, I will post on Thursday), please post them below.  And remember to SPREAD THE WORD!  The auction is exhilarating to watch, even if you're not one of the 60 participants.


  1. And, just to confirm: writers whose work has been chosen for the auction are asked to offer at least 6 crits to their fellow competitors, correct?

    Thanks for the opportunity, Authoress!


  2. WOO! Excitememnt!

    Question (prepare yourself, as this is a dumb one): are participants allowed to talk about being participants? Or is it more of an anonymous thing?

  3. Tracy -- 5.

    Sarah -- The anonymity is a courtesy. If you want to tell people, that's fine! Folks have done it both ways.

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