Monday, June 30, 2014

#BlogPitch Today!

Ready to enter your logline on Twitter?  Here's the how-to:

1.  Make sure you're following me on Twitter.
2.  Starting at noon EDT, you may tweet your 128-character-or-less logline to #BLOGPITCH any time within the 24-hour window.  (Note:  You only need to tweet once. That counts as your entry.)
3.  Make sure you include the hashtag #BLOGPITCH in your tweet.  IF YOU DON'T INCLUDE THE HASHTAG, I WON'T SEE YOUR ENTRY.
4.  All genres except erotica or erotic romance will be accepted.
5.  When the 24-hour period has closed, I will choose my 10 favorites, and will DM the winners.  THIS IS WHY YOU NEED TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE FOLLOWING ME ON TWITTER.  If you're not following me, I won't be able to DM you.
6.  The 10 winners will be invited to post their logline-plus-first-250 words ON THEIR OWN BLOGS.  Winners must send me the links to their blog posts by Sunday, July 6.   The links to these 10 winning entries will post on MISS SNARK'S FIRST VICTIM during our BLOG CRITIQUE TOUR on Wednesday, July 9.


Everyone is welcomed and encouraged to visit the 10 winning blog posts and leave thoughtful critique.  Each critique you leave = 1 entry in a drawing for a 15-page line edit from AUTHORESS EDITS.  And yes, the authors of thew inning entries may also critique to be entered in the drawing.  All critiques posted by midnight on Friday, July 11 will be included in the drawing.


Okay, let's do this thing!  Happy tweeting.


  1. Hello,
    Quick question. I guess I should have read the submission procedures better. What if you are chosen as one of the TEN, but you don't have a blog to post your 250 words? And what actually happens to those 250 words after they get posted? Are they critiqued by the public or an agent? I'm a little lost...
    D. M. King

  2. Hey, D.M. --

    You have to have a blog to participate. So if yours gets chosen, it will sadly have to be disqualified.