Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Fricassee

I'm back, but not really!

(Just pretend you don't see me.)

I wanted to give you an extra heads-up for our #BlogPitch contest, which will run on Monday.

Have you honed your Twitter logline?  I hope so!  If you

a.  follow me on Twitter
b.  have an active blog (posting at least once a week)
c.  have a clean manuscript (it can be "in process", but NO FIRST DRAFTS, please!)

you can play!

Here are the details:

1.  You must have a writing-related blog on which you post a minimum of once a week.
2.  You must have a CLEAN draft of a novel.  (In short -- no first drafts, please!)
3.  To enter, you will tweet your 128-character-or-fewer logline to #BLOGPITCH
4.  I will choose my 10 favorite loglines.
5.  The 10 winners will be invited to post their logline-plus-first-250-words ON THEIR OWN BLOGS.
6.  I will post the 10 links on BLOG CRITIQUE TOUR DAY.
7.  You can visit the winning blog posts and leave your critique.
8.  Each critique you leave = 1 entry in a drawing for a 15-page line edit from AUTHORESS EDITS.
9.  The authors of the winning entries may also critique to be entered in the drawing.



#BLOGPITCH entries to be tweeted from noon EDT on Monday, June 30 to noon EDT on Tuesday, July 1

Winners will be announced on Thursday, July 3.

Winners must send me the links to their blog posts by Sunday, July 6.


Links to the 10 winning entries will post on my blog on Wednesday, July 9.  Critiquing may begin immediately.  All critiques posted by midnight on Friday, July 11 will be included in the drawing.

(Note:  All genres except erotica or erotic romance will be accepted.)


  1. Sounds like fun! One question - Is this just a one and done tweet using the #BlogPitch hashtag? Or is it a post-throughout-the-day thing like #PitMad? (I'm assuming the first, but I thought I'd check.)

  2. Good question! It's just a one-time thing, since I'm the only one who will be reading these and making a decision.

  3. Probably a dumb question but why 128 characters instead of 140? b/c of #blogpitch or 128 characters including #blogpitch? Are abbreviations ok?

  4. Not a dumb question! Yes, #blogpitch plus a space takes up the rest of the character limit. Abbreviations are okay as long as they're not ridiculous. (Not 2 gr8 2 use text abbr. that u cant read!)