Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Fricassee

Sometimes it feels as though there weren't any other days between Friday and Friday.  Today definitely feels like that!

So, a couple things:

1.  K Callard's LOGLINE CRITIQUE SESSION is alive and well and on her blog.  The imitable Holly Bodger has been leaving her top-notch critique along with everyone else's, and you all know how good she is at dissecting loglines!  (Okay, maybe "dissecting" isn't quite the right word...)

Please stop by some time today or over the weekend to offer your critique!  Or just to read--because we can learn so much by reading feedback, as you all know.

2.  ON THE BLOCK submissions are on Thursday, September 10 from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm EDT.

PLEASE NOTE:  Because some folks on the west coast expressed some concern about my original start time of 6:00 am EDT, I've pushed the start time back a couple hours.  I did not push the end time back, though, because I REALLY NEED TO BE AWAKE until it closes, to be available for any issues that may arise.  And I'm not a midnight sort of gal.

That's it for today--short and sweet!  On a quick personal note--I have been in a state of euphoria with my revisions this week, to the point at which it feels almost surreal.  I know haven't gotten to the Big Messy Part yet, but even Mr. A said, "You keep saying that.".  Which is true.  I honestly thought the Big Messy Part would have started by now.  But I'm going to hit it any day now, and then my euphoria will be a bit tamped.

But, oh.  It feels good to have worked so hard on the WIP From Hell, gnashing my teeth and lamenting to anyone within hearing distance about my undying hatred for this torturous story.  Now?  I'm in utter love.  The revisions so far have felt nearly effortless, despite the fact that they include a tense change.  (I must be a glutton for that.)

Isn't it wonderful when hard work doesn't feel like hard work?

Anyway.  When I hit the Big Messy Part, I won't be smiling anymore.  But the key here--and this is huge--is that I'm not dreading the Big Messy Part!  I'm ready to dive in. It must be the euphoria.

Here's wishing you some euphoria in your writing this weekend!  We all deserves those moments of bliss--they keep us going.



  1. Good luck with your editing. Glad you found the love for your story. I'm in about the same spot with my YA WIP, but it looks like it might be a while before I get back to it. Happy Editing!

    1. Thank you! May you find your happy place in your YA WIP, too. :)

  2. I got to the big messy yesterday. It's so fun. I like puzzles better than word extrusion. Have a good time!

    1. "Word extrusion" -- perfect! I love it!