Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Fricassee

Well, I suppose it's time for my post-Baker's Dozen gush.  Because you'd likely feel bereft without it.

Guys.  YOU ARE ALL SO AMAZING.  Not that this comes as a shock or anything; you have been amazing over the years (do you realize that MSFV is going to turn 5 in April?!?!), and I wouldn't expect things to change.  But wow.  Your behavior, your attitude, your generous spirits--I am constantly blown away.

Here's one example from the comments (and there are many others):

I've learned a lot from lurking on this blog but SO much more from finally getting involved in the action!

I've spent years feeling the urge to write yet also feeling the pressure to focus on my more "practical" career. I'm getting to a point where I needed to either try writing or stop daydreaming/being compulsive about it. Finding critical, constructive feedback has been a real struggle, though.

I submitted thinking I might get some feedback on one of the other blogs that will post submissions who didn't get into the Baker's Dozen. I nearly keeled over when I got the email from Authoress telling me I'd been selected!

I didn't get a bid (#25), but honestly, I think I have some more tweaking to do first. I'm ok with that. What I got from participating in the Baker's Dozen was more important for the stage I'm at as a writer: valuable feedback and the sense that, if I do some polishing, people might be interested in what I'm writing.

That means The World to me. I cannot thank you enough, Authoress and Jodi, for selecting me, as well as the people who took the time to read what I wrote and give me feedback. THANK YOU.

And this is one of the most amazing trends from this year's auction--the graciousness of the "unbid" authors.  None of us will deny that it's a hard thing to be one of the not-chosen in any situation, yet this author--and others in the same situation--has risen above the sting and received ALL THE GOOD THINGS that were available.

I am CHEERING over here!  Because this is the crux of it.  If you can get everything possible out of an experience like this, without being a "winner", then YOU'VE ABSOLUTELY GOT THIS THING RIGHT.

As always, I am humbled and thankful and delighted to be a part of your writing journeys.

Of course, HUGE THANKS go to Stephanie Thornton, Myra McEntire, Peter Senftleben, and Alison Weiss, for their WONDERFUL CRITIQUES.  (You all know how much time critiques take.  This is no small gift!)

And to my gaggle of agents:  I LOVE YOU!  May wonderful things come your way as a result of this auction.

To Jodi, dearest friend and writing soulmate:  We are THE TEAM!  I could never do this without you.  Never.

(This is starting to sound like an acknowledgements page. I'll stop now.)

Next week:  Thoughts from some of the agents on this year's Baker's Dozen!  And a critique opportunity for Those Who Weren't Chosen For the Auction.

Have a glorious weekend!


  1. I love this post. Everything about it.

    I just want to send a HUGE thank you to everyone who left critiques. The authors and editors were so thorough, and the other writers left such helpful & useful feedback. You guys are amazing.

  2. Between 15 excited agents, 60 grateful authors, and countless cheerleading readers, I think Authoress' gushing is in good company.

    *puts up a 'Careful: Wet from Plentiful Gushing' signs*

    My thanks go to everyone involved in this event, especially Authoress, and extend beyond what mere words can say.

  3. An acknowledgements page? Or an Oscar-winner's speech?

    Either way, you are a star my dear Authoress. You have created a wonderful community, and I echo your thanks to all those mentioned herein.

  4. What an intelligent writer, who is able to get a lot out of the experience. She has a realistic outlook and that will stand her in good stead over the long term as a writer. Sounds like she's the real deal.

  5. Gushing is good, and giving chocolate is better, but let's just canonize Authoress as the patron saint of aspiring writers. Thank you St. Authoress. :)

  6. well, let's just say that Authoress has made a lot of people very happy

  7. It is in finding the beauty in just being a part of something that the appreciation deepens beyond anything humble words can express when IT happens.

    Your blog just happens to be one of the places where whatever happens, something good can be gained :-)

  8. Gushing is totally called for! As a newcomer here, I can't get over the wonderful sense of community. Even in critiques, the spirit is helpful and kind--which is obviously so much nicer when you're on the receiving end of those. (Thanks SO much to everyone who left a critique!)

    Aside from the great entries and the entertainment of the auction itself, it was amazing to see people rooting for their favorites, even if their own writing was on the block. Everyone has such great attitude!   

    Thanks Authoress! 

  9. I love the fact that feedback here is always "positively constructive" (is there such a thing or did I make that up? LOL!) I wasn't picked but I can't get this type of honesty anywhere else-friends and family are getting tired of my requests for their opinion.

  10. Hey #25 - Last year I entered Baker's Dozen and received 0 bids. I was back with a different entry this year and received a request for a full!

    Even if no offers of representation come, I'm still further than I was before.

    The key is to keep writing and learning. Thanks Authoress and supportive community for giving the opportunity for both!

  11. Ditto to everything above.
    Thanks to everyone involved--and especially Authoress for putting it all together.
    The event gives all of us an opportunity to take a step forward on the writing journey, one way or another.

  12. This is my first time to join, and I feel like Authoress is now my mentor, my friend in chocolates, my favorite author. Thanks for this amazing opportunity to get valuable feedback from my editors, authors, agents, and fellow writers, and to get a chance to send an agent a partial. I can't wait to join again... maybe in two years?
    May you be blessed with many chocolates and a lot of good karma! Thanks for being... you!