Monday, June 8, 2015

Our 4th Critique Partner Dating Service--FINALLY!

All 79 entries ARE FINALLY UP.  Thank you again for your forebearance!

Guidelines are as follow:
  1.  If you see an entry that looks like it might be a good fit, send an email to introduce yourself (this is not the time to send materials).
  2. If you are interested in an email-less entry, leave a comment requesting the email address.
  3. If you're not sure you want to send an email, leave a comment asking further questions.
  5. This is a public list.  I am no longer the "middle man."  Please do not come to me with your dating woes.  (If you have a legitimate technical difficulty, I will always help you with that.)
  6. For security purposes, I will remove these entries from the blog one week from tomorrow.
Please post your questions below!  I will check the comments regularly and try to stay up to date with public questions.

Also:  If your entry looks wonky or is in any way unreadable, or if you've forgotten to include your email address or name or anything else, PLEASE EMAIL ME.  I am always happy to fix things.

Happy dating!


  1. What gave you the idea to begin a CPDS? (GRATEFUL, whatever it was!)

    1. Yanno, it was just because people kept asking me how to find crit partners, or if I could help them find one, or whatever. Eventually I came up with the idea to just do it en masse on the blog, and it was successful, so I repeated it.

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