Thursday, February 2, 2017

An Authoress Interview

I've been honored with an interview at  Please do stop by and take a peek!


Also?  I'm opening ONE SLOT for Premiere Critique this month -- first come, first served.

The Critique includes:

*detailed line edit of your first 75 pages
*editorial letter
*guaranteed 1-week turnaround

The cost is $260, payable via Paypal in 2 installments.

No first drafts.  (I mean it.)

Email me at authoress.edits(at) if you're interested!


  1. Nice interview! It's much easier to submit something for review anonymously especially that first time. What I like about the folks here is that the commenters are helpful and choose their words thoughtfully when critting.

    Gah, the audacity of the jazz stealer! I had someone plagiarism my work once. The worst thing was they copied my dedication to my late uncle. That broke my heart.

  2. Great interview with Unplag Blog. I can’t tell how many times your blog has help me and picked me up. I look forward to every Friday to see what you have written about yourself, helpful ideas and others you have become successful. I thank the day you started your blog, and I know there are others that feel the same way.