Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Call For Blog URLS

It's time to give a little mutual support. I appreciate your readership and your participation in our challenges. So I'd like to include you in my sidebar.

If you have a writerly blog and would like it to be listed here, please email me the URL at facelesswords(at) Please state whether you are an ASPIRING AUTHOR or a PUBLISHED AUTHOR, as I will be creating two separate lists.

(Notice they will both be labeled "author." But you knew I'd do that.)

I'll be taking a quick peek at each blog that's sent, just to make sure there aren't any nekked ladies or the worship of Dark Forces included. But overall, if you're a writer and you blog, I'd like to include you here.


  1. I found your blog not too long ago and am playing catch-up on reading a lot of the posts, but I'll start the blog submissions. Mine is:

    I've added Miss Snark's First Victim to my favorites list (very clever idea, btw). I'm glad I found this blog early on. I didn't find Miss Snark's until a few weeks before she archives it. Very sad.

  2. Hello brimfire, and welcome!!

    Would you please email that link to me at facelesswords(at) I'm afraid I'll forget it if it's sitting here in the comments box. ;)

    (I also need to know whether you're "ASPIRING" or "PUBLISHED.")

  3. Question about the definitions, Authoress. ;)

    I've had a handful of short stories published (paid credits) so does that count under 'published author'? :P

    Haven't made a pro sale yet (working on it) but just wanted to clarify. ;)


  4. Merc, that's totally up to you. I'm not going to tell you what you are. ;)

    You tell me where you want me to put you, and I'll put you there.

    Disclaimer: I'm not responsible for your actions. LOL

  5. Well, I didn't know if you had any preconditions for the categories. %-)


  6. I think I fall under "Published writer/Aspiring Author". I have written, been paid, and published... but for newspaper stories *sigh* not for my fiction work. Does that help Merc?

  7. Yeah, as I said, I was wondering if Authoress had any specific qualifications. :P ;) I would consider myself published then as I've been paid for my fiction and had it published... O:)

  8. Published author. Maybe not a published novelist, but I'd def say published, Merc.

  9. Well, okay then:

    Let's say you've had 2 shorts published in a scifi mag and you're now seeking publication for a scifi novel. I'd call myself "published."

    If, however, you've had several NF articles published but you're now seeking publication for a chick lit novel, I'd call myself "aspiring." Because they're 2 completely different categories.


  10. What about a blog that's sometimes about writing, sometimes about art/illustrating and sometimes about anything that comes into my head (but no nekked ladies, I promise)?

  11. LOL Kate

    You're a writer, right? And it's a blog. So it counts.

    I mean, if one can ONLY write about writing and nothing else, then one might end up coming off rather bland.

    Think of your favorite author. If this person had a blog, you'd want to hear about his private life or non-writing life once in a while, wouldn't you? Just because you're interested/curious/nosy.

    So. Send me your blog link.

  12. What about tasteful drawings of nekked ladies with the naughty parts strategically covered?

    I am an author/illustrator and some of my illustrations are in the Art Nouveau vein...

  13. Anon -- that's not the kind of "nekked ladies" I meant, so I think you're OK. :)

  14. No naked ladies, but what about naked fireman wrestling in jello?

    (Sadly I do not currently have any of these at The Bookshelf Muse, but maybe someone will chime in as to where they can be found...)