Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Fricassee

I like posting on Fridays. All I have to do it type an "f" in the title bar, and it remembers "Friday Fricassee."

(Yes, I'm a foodie. No, I don't cook to the level I wish I could. Reason? Can't afford the ingredients!)

I'm still working on adding your blog URLS to the sidebar. If you discover a problem once yours is up, don't hesitate to email me (as some of you already have!).

You'll be glad to know that our next Secret Agent Are You Hooked? has been officially written in stone. Entries are going to be more carefully kept to a manageable limit, at the request of our Secret Agent. (Our new SA took note of Holly's 115 submissions and, well, blanched a bit.)

I'm working out the details. Announcements will be made once I've got all the snarls unsnarled.

So don't tell too many of your friends this time. *wink*

Seriously, I'm excited! And we've got an upcoming author interview about which I'm really excited, too.

I like this blog thing!

Oh, but I've got to say something. What's up with our little Thirty-Word-String story from Monday? Granted, your talent is shining through as always. But...Calliope and Nathan are still sitting at the table! Where's the action? Why are we still dawdling over the frittata and chicken noodle soup?

As it stands, it's a form rejection.

And that's enough rambling for this Friday. You know I love when you're chatty, so I'll be checking the comments box over the weekend.



  1. Well, it's been a terribly long week filled with very frustrating chapters and characters that don't seem to want to cooperate. I'm beyond exhausted and still awake trying to convince myself I can rewrite just one more chapter before bed....

    That is why I didn't jump in on the 30 word challenge. It looked fascinating, but right now I can't count to ten without taking off my fuzzy socks.

  2. Been a long week for me too -- for all the same reasons. Throw in housecleaning and starting homeschool with the kids, and I've been swamped. I'm hoping to take a look at the challenge sometime this weekend. Poor Calliope and Nathan do need to leave that table at some point. *wink*

    Another SA event sounds awesome. Looking forward to hearing more about it soon! I understand about the agent wanting to keep entries at a manageable amount. Another round with more than a hundred would be difficult for all involved. :)

  3. Sorry I've been a stranger to the blog, Authoress, but the last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of activity for me. I'm afraid your challenge was just a bit too brain-taxing for my creative side. Sorry. 8^)

    The next SA sounds intriguing! I'll be sure to drop by.