Tuesday, April 2, 2013


TITLE: Ms. Snark Goes Hollywood
GENRE: Women's Fiction

Ms. Snark sets her sights on Hollywood for her latest novel, RETURN OF THE BANSHEE. When the Banshees catch wind of her book, they target Ms. Snark as their next meal; she must decide whether to give up her Hollywood dream and stay safe or fight the Banshees with her extreme Banshee hunter skills and face death as their dessert.


  1. No.

    Would have been a big yes if it was about Authoress!

  2. YES Because I would read this so hard if it was a book! And because "extreme Banshee hunter skills"! YES.

    I can tell you didn't know Authoress and Ms. Snark weren't the same thing, so I'm not gonna pedant on you about that--I think that's why you got most of the no votes you did. Sorry about that.

  3. No. but so close. I think it needs some rewording.