Thursday, April 11, 2013

Special Gifts From Leah Petersen

Just when you think all the fun's been had:

Lean Petersen, in reading through all the entries for the JAYNE HAT GIVEAWAY, fell in love with a few of the answers people gave to the question, "Why do you deserve a Jayne hat?"  So she decided she'd make a Jayne hat for each of them.

Isn't she amazing?

So here they are:  Leah's 4 favorites.  If this is you, please email me at facelesswords(at) for instructions!

Kari Maaren -- I robbed from the rich and I gave to the poor. I stood up to the man and I gave him what for. My love for this hat ain't hard to explain. It's orange and has stripes...and reminds me of Jayne.

Sam Beringer -- My sister loves the show and it would be a great present for her

Laura Herbenick Hughes -- Because Mrs. Cobb would want me to have it. She'd know I'd love it as much as her son would.

Lindsey R -- The care package from my mom did not include a lovely hat :(

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  1. Hello Authoress! I sent you an email about this a couple weeks ago, but haven't heard back yet-- just making sure you got it? lindsey (dot) rivait (at) gmail (dotcom) Thanks!