Friday, April 5, 2013

Friday Fricassee

Pardon me while I stop and catch my breath.

Whew!  All that voting (Holly's winners will be announced Monday!), and those beautiful birthday gifts (has the song become a delightful earworm yet?), and the retrospective....a full week!

I'm a full-fledged stat stalker, and it was interesting to see which of the retrospective's posts were most popular.  Most hits?  The most bizarre rejection letter!  Also up there were Beth Revis's query contest entry and the blog post entitled On Giving Up.

If you missed the retrospective, GO READ IT NOW.

Also, you have until 11:59 pm EDT Sunday to ENTER THE JAYNE HAT GIVE-AWAY.

Next week?  MORE BLOG BIRTHDAY FUN!  (Because one week wasn't enough.)

*drum roll*

On Tuesday, we'll be having a TINY AGENT CONTEST.

Tiny, as in agents-under-the-age-of-5.  I'll be posting tot pictures of a collection of agents you (probably) know, along with a list of names.  You get to guess who's who!

Also?  You'll get to vote on THE CUTEST AGENT.  So this is 2 contests in one.

ALL THE DETAILS will post early Monday morning, so be sure you're on your toes.  Some of these photos are fall-off-your-seat adorable.

(Oh, and there will be prizes.  Each agent has offered something to give away!)


It's been a less-than-stellar week for me, and the blog fun has kept me busy.  Last Friday, I injured myself in ballet class (grade 2 calf strain).  For the first couple of days, I couldn't walk at all.  (I crawled.  It was all sorts of dramatic.)  I graduated to an incredibly lopsided limp (as in, hanging onto things and practically hopping), and then to an 80-year-old hobble.  Today I'm walking almost normally, but dancing still isn't in my near future.  (A devastating thought, but things could be a lot worse.)

Mostly, I've been on the couch.  Which is fine for writing and editing, yes?  Except, despite my sedentary career choice, I'm actually not a slow-moving person.  The word frenetic comes to mind.  I don't walk up stairs; I run.  I don't walk out to get the mail; I skip.  I dust the house quickly, speed walk through parking lots, and push impatiently between and around slow-moving people in malls.

Not being able to walk has MADE ME ALL KINDS OF CRAZY.

But I'm thankful that, as long as I kept still, there was no pain.  (Moving my leg a way it didn't want to go, though? Excruciating.)  I'm thankful that I'm not a professional dancer (because, can you imagine?).  I'm thankful this wasn't a lot worse (I've heard of achilles tendons snapping at the ankle and rolling up inside the leg.  I just...)

So, yeah.  Bad week.  The birthday fun came at a good time for me.

My fondest desire now, of course, is to return to ballet.  I'm missing class this morning and will probably cry a little.  And then I will find something chocolate.

If you think of it, do a little dance step on my behalf today.  The thought of lots of little dance steps around the world makes me smile!

Have a beautiful (spring!) weekend.


  1. The thought of not being able to move and dance and even stretch is somewhat excruciating, so I send you lots of virtual chocolate.

    Thanks for all the blog birthday fun! Feel better soon!

  2. Ah yes. Been there and it will get better. Meanwhile, take care of yourself and don't push yourself too soon or you could re-injure. Take care!

  3. I hate being injured. I'm sorry your leg hurts (and I know that hurt is such a sanitized word for the pain a calf sprain causes!), but it will get better. It will take time, but you will heal. I promise. I've broken bones, torn rotator cuffs and sprained my ankles. You will recover. (but man it sucks not being able to do the things you love!).

  4. Kudos to you for combining two of my favorite things: chocolate and ballet. (#2 son takes ballet, and I am often there, admiring all the leaps and twirls. Injuries seem very common!)

    Do hope that you heal quickly. We all want you back to your usual frenetic, constant-motion self.

  5. You DUST your house? I'm so impressed. I just lower the lights and close the shades!

    Get well soon! You will, even though it will seem like forever. Maybe you're supposed to be slow right now to let some good ideas catch up to you!

  6. Lots of activity on the blog has at least kept your mind on frenetic mode though the injury slowed things down physically. By the way, do you think you may have earned an Academy award for the best "crawl my way to overcome this injury" in a lead role?

    Seriously though, after what happened to that basketball kid right smack on the court on live TV, I'm taking injuries seriously.

    Just did a quick turn (rather flimsy one given my bulk) on your behalf and hope you can return to ballet very soon.

  7. I hope you recover quickly to enjoy the weekend!

  8. Love that you take a ballet class because that's so very classy. Sorry you're sidelined. Dry your eyes and shine your toe shoes, cause soon as the calf heals, you'll be back at the barre. And until then, there's always chocolate and Mr. A and Josh and Jodi, all of them sweeter than, well, honey. Anyone with so much going for her will be fine. Swift healing.

  9. I danced in the break room while heating up my lunch. Someone saw. It was awkward.

    Get better soon!