Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Fricassee

Hello, all!  Sorry for the light blogging lately--life has taken on, well, a life of its own.

The emails to the winners of the Baker's Dozen YA/MG category have gone out.  If you did not receive an email, then your entry has not been chosen for this year's auction.

Again, I'm sorry for the not-personal-ness of that, but the administrative work of sending out the rejection emails would be too time consuming.  Please accept this public post as my THANK YOU FOR ENTERING and KEEP WRITING, KEEP FOLLOWING YOUR DREAM.

As I did for the adult entrants, I am offering a special, 3-page critique for any of the non-winning entries in this round.  If any of you would like to take advantage of it, THE DETAILS ARE HERE.  Feel free to post questions below.

The 60 winning entries will post ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!  (They're already queued up and ready to go.  I feel incredibly organized.)  And the auction will roar to life at 11:00 am on Tuesday, December 3.  SO CLOSE!

This is a lot of fun for everyone--not just the 60 entrants.  So I hope you've reserved your seat and stocked up on some yummies to nibble.  I LOVE watching the bids rolling in, and managing the sometimes-frazzled agents behind the scenes.  (Oh, the things that go on...hee!)  It'll all happen before we know it.

That's it from my end--have a great weekend!


  1. Not counting the days. Nope, not at all. Of course not.

  2. A) Thank you so much for running such an incredible blog! Your work is really spectacular.

    B) In the immortal words of Pinky Pie "I'm so nervoucited!"

  3. I can't believe it's almost December!!! Good luck everyone who were selected for the next round.

  4. Thank so much for all the hard work.

    Good luck to everyone!