Thursday, September 1, 2016

Name That Genre #12

TITLE: Secret
GENRE: MG Secret

I can see my horse’s breath in the cool, fall air. His nostrils flare in time with his hoof beats as we canter around the arena. I keep my eyes on that first jump. If we can make it clean over those two purple rails, then I know we’ll have the rest of the course made. That’s just how Titus works. As I lean into two-point position, Titus’s whole body tenses into one big muscled machine. His front end lifts and then we’re soaring through the air. I don’t start breathing again until all four of his hooves hit the dirt. Then I smile really big and reach down to pat his silky neck. I know we’ve already earned that blue ribbon—I can feel it!
    “Evangeline Stankard?” The teacher’s loud voice slices right through my daydream.



    I don't actually know what to label genres like this. Not magic or historical. Just a story about a kid with a passion, friendship, common themes in unique ways.

  2. Adventure.

    I thought contemporary, but when it was a daydream I thought, oh, she's prepping for an adventure. Has a Walter Mitty vibe. Love, that last line.

  3. Contemporary,
    I agree with Danielle above, and that is what I'd call it :)

  4. Contemporary

    There wasn't much to go on, so I'm guessing contemporary because it's happening now.

  5. Contemporary!

    It seems like the MC's put a lot of thought into this daydream, and it's clearly something she enjoys a lot but is part of her day-to-day life, so I agree with Danielle and Scott and would call it contemporary. :)

  6. Contemporary!

    I agree with the others, it has a little adventure like feel but grounded in reality and i dont really get any fantasy vibes so contemporary. LOVE this though.

  7. Contemporary. Maybe with some Adventure thrown in. (I was that daydreamy kid.)

  8. I can't tell
    The opening is a daydream, so I can't tell what the true world is.

  9. Contemporary.

    I'm thinking a modern, realistic horse story.

  10. I'm the author--it's contemporary. :-)