Thursday, September 1, 2016

Name That Genre #20

TITLE: Secret
GENRE: Adult Secret

The attitude of new EMTs made me want to pop them upside the damn head sometimes. I was a punk beginner once, thought I knew it all, but g******n they're getting worse.

"You gonna help me with this stretcher?"

Our newest trainee, Carson, a dark haired guy with acne scattered across his face, shrugged, and took the end of the bed barely on his fingers. My partner Anthony growled and shoved the kid aside, lifted the bed and helped me get it in the back of the rig. The unconscious patient didn't move as I stepped up into the back. If we were lucky, the guy wasn't completely frozen to death and would recover, probably to go back to the damn streets.

"Jacoby, he's gross. He hasn't showered, he's covered in his own vomit and he's gonna die anyway. Homeless people can't pay for what we're doing, so why are we helping?"



    Is that a genre? Haha. Well, it could be a medical thriller, but I'm thinking it will be something in the vein of House.


    Hmmmm, I'm not sure about this one but I think it's probably a thriller or suspense based on the EMT opening. Perhaps we are going to find out what happened to the victim?

  3. Contemporary

    Sounds like job training day.


    There's a dead body in this scene, I can feel it coming.

  5. Thriller

    It seems the dead guy can't be just a dead guy since you're opening with him, so I'm thinking he'll lead to something more.

  6. Mystery/Thriller

    Scene 1, dead body

  7. Mystery/Thriller.

  8. Contemporary I know its medical but all the words and description lead me to believe its contemporary first and I 'm not sure what the other genre is as there really isn't a hint to murder or mystery.

  9. Maybe a cross-genre between contemporary and thriller?

  10. horror?
    i felt a bit scared, reading it!

  11. Contemporary. There weren't enough clues to make me guess mystery or thriller or any other similar genre. You mention stretcher and then say bed twice, which confused me a bit. Also, the dirty patient is covered with vomit, but not enough discussion about the weather (snow) when you throw in that the patient might be suffering from hypothermia "frozen..."
    anonymous (Sherry)

  12. science-fiction

    Somehow I picture as a mad scientist doing tests on people. Also words like "Patients", "bed"...

  13. Thriller/Mystery. With the rough voice of the main character and the nearly dead homeless guy, this seems like it could lead into a medical thriller or a murder mystery.