Thursday, September 1, 2016

Name That Genre #21

GENRE: YA Secret

My mom is being sad in Spanish.

Our relationship has always relied on her spotty English and my spottier Spanish somehow converging into a conversation, but sometimes, when she’s emotional, she forgets about that. I pick out love, call, and, miss you, and my heart clenches with each of them.

“I’ll come home for Thanksgiving break,” I tell her, even though we still haven’t decided that.
She nods anyway, hugging me one more time. She says a few more words into my shoulder, but I only hear Ada, and I tense automatically.

“Be careful,” she says, and I can’t tell if she’s referring to the trip or the girl. Then she says, “Don’t let her hurt you,” and I don’t know why I even wondered.

“I won’t,” I say.

I don’t elaborate, because I’d rather not lie to my mom right before I leave her for months.


  1. Suspense/Thriller

    Not too sure, Ada is the unknown here. She's tensing the MC, so I'm thinking thriller.

  2. Contemporary. Possible romance.

  3. Contemporary.

    Featuring some serious family issues.

  4. Contemporary. It sounds like a daughter going back to college, needing to be careful of 'Ada'.

    I was on a hundred percent contemporary vibe until Ada was mentioned. The MC's reaction steered me right over to thriller.

  6. Thriller

    Sounds like Ada's gonna be trouble.

  7. Contemporary. Possibly Mystery or Thriller. I'm very intrigued by the mysterious Ada.

  8. Contemporary. There weren't enough clues for me to believe it might be a mystery or something else.
    You seem to switch POV in at least one of the sentences, which confused me. "Be careful," she says...
    anonymous (Sherry)

  9. contemporary
    family issues, a worried mom

  10. Contemporary
    difficult relationship between mom and kid, teen MC (? not sure of gender), added conflict of Ada. Don't see the thriller in here that others have mentioned. To me Ada comes off as a person that Mom disapproves of for some reason

  11. Thriller.

    First couple lines made me think contemporary, but that hint of family tension + going away for months at the end has that ominous thriller-y vibe ...

  12. Contemporary. Sounds like a story about family relationships.

  13. Hi everyone! This is the beginning of my YA Contemporary, END OF DAYS. I can see how people could think Thriller with the tension Ada's name caused, but the tension is there because she's an ex-girlfriend! Thanks so much to everyone who guessed. :)