Thursday, September 1, 2016

Name That Genre #27


Sometimes I have to catch myself, as if I haven't been breathing for who knows how long. Now’s one of those moments. I draw in the deepest inhale, filling my lungs as if they’ve been deprived of oxygen all day. Of course they haven’t. Air happens to be one of those necessities to life. But the feeling is as real as life, too.


Rinse and repeat.

It’s within those moments, it’s easy to do the things I’m least proud of. Or most, depending on how you approach it; your approach dependent on how many years you’ve spent on the streets.
And I’ve lost count.

I look down. It’s in my hands, swaddled in muslin and still warm, like a newborn baby. I’m holding onto it like one, too. Precious. Delicate. The  loaf, sweet and filled with poppy seeds, will keep me alive and full for the remainder of the day, but that’s just today.


  1. Contemporary. The mc has been living on the streets and there was no mention of any fantasy elements or anything that would indicate science fiction. But I guess it could also be historical fiction, but I'm going to stick with contemporary.

  2. Not sure. Contemporary feel with phrase like "rinse and repeat". But a phrase like "swaddled in muslin" makes me doubt modern teen. Hmmm. I remain undecided.

  3. I'm not sure.

    I think contemporary, but maybe fantasy. Seeds keeping her alive has me on the fence.

  4. I can't tell.
    I was leaning toward historical, since the image of stealing a fresh baked loaf of bread has an old fashioned feel to me, but then I saw another poster's comment about rinse and repeat. So . . . I don't know.

  5. Fantasy

    I honestly can't tell but that loaf of bread is what stands out most to me, and a lot of fantasies start out with a waif stealing a loaf of bread, so I'm going to overlook the rinse and repeat, and go with fantasy.

  6. Not sure.

    I was thinking contemporary with your opening paragraph but then it continues and especially when we get to the bread, I feel like that line has me questioning it could be contemporary, it could be historical, it could even be dystopian, honestly dystopian is what I'm leaning towards but it also could be fantasy maybe? Either way, very intriguing!

  7. Not sure. At first I thought contemporary. Then, toward the end, dystopian. The line about the bread only lasting a day.

  8. Dystopian

    The fact that she doesn't seem to be sure where her next meal is coming made me feel this way.

  9. I can't tell. Forgetting to breathe doesn't set a genre, but it does set a forlorn tone. The loaf of bread and living on the streets could be anything too.

  10. I'm not sure.

    I feel like it's contemporary but currently don't have enough information to decide

  11. I'm thinking historical, but it could also easily be fantasy or dystopian. Unsure.


    Seems to be about someone living on the streets, but the mention of 'muslin' is not contemporary...However the *voice* sounds pretty contemporary.

  13. I can't tell. The setting seems realistic, but I'm not sure if it's contemporary or historical.