Thursday, September 1, 2016

Name That Genre #6

TITLE: Secret
GENRE: Adult Secret

Success. Somehow, I had finally managed to collect eggs from “the ladies” without dropping any. As a bonus, only poor Miss Red had attempted to extract a bit of revenge for my thievery.

At the sound of raised voices, I closed the gate and raced towards the nearest barn. I turned the corner and spotted my sister, Kayla Kincaid, standing next to a rather large animal.

“Get that thing,” Kayla pointed at the furry critter. “back on the trailer and get it out of here.”

“His name is Ernesto and he’s a prize winning alpaca,” said Alexis Kincaid.

“He’s not staying. I don’t have time to take care of him and his harem,” Kayla wiped her hand across her forehead.

“No worries. I’ll take care of them.”

“You?” Kayla laughed. “I don’t think so.”

“They’re a great investment. You just don’t think I can handle it.”



    Could be fantasy, could be adventure, could be historical. It also reads young to me, in the YA range.

  2. I can't tell.

    The stealing of the eggs for a sister makes this sound more YA then adult.

  3. Maybe literary fiction? Not sure.

  4. contemporary - feels like real-life characters in a strange situation.

  5. NOT SURE.

    Interesting start. Can't tell the age or gender of MC at first blush.

  6. Romance

    Sounds like she's living, or visiting, her sister's farm and will probably fall for the guy bringing the alpacas, or maybe someone else.

  7. Contemporary. The names sound too modern for me to think this is fantasy.

  8. I Can't Tell. Based on the names probably Contemporary.

  9. I can't tell. But the dialogue and names of characters make it sound like contemporary

  10. I can't tell. Could be romance, adventure, mystery, womens fiction, contemporary, or even fantasy. Definitely a farm, but the animals are never actually named so...