Monday, November 7, 2016

ON THE BLOCK: Entries Live This Friday!

Our 20 fabulous entries are queued up and ready to go.  WAIT 'TIL YOU READ THEM!

Here are some things:
  • The posts will go up THIS FRIDAY, November 10, in the (NYC-time) morning.
  • As soon as the posts appear, you may begin leaving your critiques.
  • The subject line of each post will contain a TIME.  This is the time that each particular entry will post during ON THE BLOCK on Tuesday, November 15.  Make note of your favorite entries and jot down their time slots, because then you will be able to WATCH EACH LIVE AUCTION as it happens!
  • The posts that go up on Friday will be FOR CRITIQUE ONLY.  During the actual auction, each entry will HAVE A NEW POST that will appear AT ITS DESIGNATED TIME.  
  • Each entry will be open for TEN MINUTES on Tuesday the 15th.  Bidding will then close, and the entry will go to the highest bidder.  NO BIDS will be taking place at any other time.  
If you have any questions about the auction, please leave them in the comment box below.  Entrants:  please remember to email me if you notice any formatting errors on your entries.  I know you want them to look their shiny best for the auction.




  1. Are the critiques so that we can improve our pages after the contest, not to make changes before the auction on Tuesday?

  2. That's right. No changes before the auction on Tuesday.