Friday, November 11, 2016

ON THE BLOCK -- Here We Go!

Game time!  Here's how it works:

  • The subject line of each post contains a TIME.  This is the time that each particular entry will post during ON THE BLOCK on Tuesday, November 15.  Make note of your favorite entries and jot down their time slots, because then you will be able to WATCH EACH LIVE AUCTION as it happens!
  • The posts that are now on the board are FOR CRITIQUE ONLY.  During the actual auction, each entry will HAVE A NEW POST that will appear AT ITS DESIGNATED TIME.  
  • Each entry will be open for TEN MINUTES on Tuesday.  Bidding will then close, and the entry will go to the highest bidder.  NO BIDS will be taking place at any other time.  Again, the posts that have gone live today are FOR CRITIQUE ONLY.
  • LEAVING CRITIQUE:  As always, be honest and kind.  Cheerleading is not the same as critique -- and neither is criticism.  Be as helpful as you can.  (And remember--leaving critique is GOOD PRACTICE to develop your writing eyes.  Don't feel like you have nothing to offer if you don't have a lot of experience giving feedback to others.  JUMP RIGHT IN!)
  • SPECIAL BONUS:  I will be choosing, at random, a winner of a 10-page critique from Authoress Edits from among the comments.  Each critique you leave = one entry in the drawing.  My way of saying THANK YOU!
  • TO THE 20 ENTRANTS:  Please leave feedback for at least 5 of your colleagues, as your way of "giving back".
  • Keep your eye out for our LURKING EDITORS and AFFABLE AUTHORS!!  These can show up at any time over the next few days!
Please ask your questions below!  I'm excited to share these entries with you, and I'm looking forward to Tuesday's excitement.



  1. Love the range of genres and the timeliness of some of these topics.

  2. No questions, just a thank you for putting on this contest! I've gotten so much valuable feedback. Very grateful. :-)

  3. What happens next? Will we get an email from the agent that won or will you be contacting us with how to proceed? Thanks so much for putting on this contest! It's been a valuable learning experience!

    1. I will post the official winner list tomorrow, and will also post instructions for the winners. Hold tight!

  4. Thank you for this wonderful contest, Authoress. I am thrilled with the interest I had in my book, and thrilled with the results!