Monday, May 21, 2018

Oh, the Sparkly Winners!

Here you go, my lovelies, from Colleen's very fingers:

Dear authors!

Thank you so much for sharing your first pages with me. I enjoyed each and every one of these, and I hope my comments help. Please remember that mine is only one opinion, and what doesn't work for me may be exactly what another agent is looking for. Consider all of your feedback from not just me but from the other authors and only edit based on those that resonate with you.

I'd love to thank Jillian for inviting me to the Secret Agent party. What an experience! I hope you'll all join me in buying Jillian's book as soon as it's published, binge-reading it in one night, and then posting a thoughtful review for her.

Okay, on to my requests.

I invite all of the authors to check out my bio at, and if you think we're a good match, please send me your query via my Query Manager link.

Query + Synopsis + 50 pages!


Query + Synopsis + Full please!

Please paste your query + synopsis into the body of an email with your MS attached and send to Thank you!

CONGRATULATIONS, all!  Winners: Please be sure to follow Colleen's instructions above. Best of luck!


  1. Thank you, Colleen, for reading and for all the feedback! And thanks, Jillian, as always for hosting these great contests!

    Maybe I'm just dense, but does Colleen want the winners to use the query form? And paste the longer request into the section that asks for 10 pages? Or should the winners send another way?

  2. Oops! My submission instructions didn't make the post. Sorry! (It was a late addition email to Jill)

    Please paste your query + synopsis + 1st 50 pgs into the body of an email to

    For full requests, please follow the above instructions except attach your full as a word doc.

    Thank you!

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  4. Thanks, Jillian, for putting on these contests. I have followed your blog for years and have always appreciated all you've done to help authors. I'm excited about your book and will be buying a copy.

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