Friday, February 19, 2016

Friday Fricassee

On Wednesday, I hit the end of my tolerance for winter.  (I don't know how anyone survives in places like Wisconsin and North Dakota and Saskatchewan and...Iceland.)  So when I got home, I filled up the jacuzzi tub with very hot water and grabbed some seaweed snacks and THIS:

And here comes the best part.  Just as I was ready settle into the bubbles-that-would-sweep-away-winter's-cold, an email from my beloved agent came through on my iPhone--her notes for the first half of my latest revision.

Do you know how DECADENT it felt to sink back in the water and read those notes?  The stage was already set--my playlist for this particular novel was blasting, and I had planned on doing some more Bathtub Brainstorming (I still have to figure out the actual climax of this next book, and then I'm golden).  So there I was, immersed in my story's world and reading Danielle's thoughts on the first half of it.  (Good news--nothing in the first half is broken.)

So what I'm saying is this:  there are ALL SORTS OF MAGICAL MOMENTS available to us as writers.  For me, this was one of them.  Unplanned, for sure--and that's what makes them magical.  When they happen, we need to STOP LIFE and soak up the magic.

Sometimes it happens when we meet someone who has the same name as one of our characters--a name we thought we had made up.  Sometimes it happens when we receive a full request from an agent we never dreamed would give us a second glance.  Sometimes it happens when one of our readers texts us to tell us she cried when she read our big Death Scene.  And sometimes it happens when we're walking through the woods and suddenly have an epiphany about our current plot, and the planets align and the sunbeams course through our fingers and strands of hair while a host of birds burst into glorious song.

That sort of thing.

Grab the moments, my friends.  Writing is a lot of hard work.  Revel in the moments that make you feel, even for a few breaths, like you are living a fairytale life.

When you really think about it, it's not that far from the truth.  :)

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  1. Beautiful! Thanks for this, and wishing you an awesome weekend!