Thursday, September 26, 2019

Win a Copy of STORMRISE

A long-time member of this blog community, PB Pabst, is giving away a copy of STORMRISE on her blog. (She has also written lovely things about me that are indicative of her warm and generous heart, and I am a bit undone. But definitely head over there to enter the giveaway!)

(Huge thanks to everyone who has purchased STORMRISE or requested it for your library. It's been a great launch week so far! Here are LINKS TO PURCHASE.)


  1. Giving away your book of awesomeness is my pleasure:) Thank you for this lovely post that has made me blush!

  2. My Indy library already had 6 on order of Stormrise. I am first in line to get one. Yay!!

    1. Wow, 6?? Holy moly! Hope you didn't knock anyone down. :)

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