Thursday, July 9, 2015

Hugs From Jodi And a Day In NYC

This year's vacation was a little different for us--instead of spending a week at Our Favorite Beach and then hanging with my parents for a few days, we made my parents' place home base and did lots of Things from there.  As a result, we got to spend time with people we normally wouldn't, and got to see and do things we normally don't.

A people-oriented, series-of-day-trips vacation filled with laughter and adventure.  Practically perfect!

On our second day of traveling, we met Jodi Meadows at an incredibly nifty pizza place, where she signed my copy of Orphan Queen and subjected herself to hugs and smooshes and endless questions about her recent trip to the U.K.  And where she also gave me a fresh-from-the-oven ARC of The Mirror King, of which you should probably be at least a little jealous.  Though when I'm finished reading it, it's going to make its way into a fun giveaway here on the blog, so don't hate me too much!

After a few days at my parents' and a quick overnight trip to Our Favorite Beach, we got up early and headed for NYC.  It was smooth sailing (my parents only live an hour and a half from the city) until about two miles from the Lincoln Tunnel, where traffic came to a veritable standstill.  From that point, it pretty much took us ninety minutes to travel slightly more than three miles.  Which made me incredibly late for Josh's panel at NYU.

I was fortunate to at least get there in time for the Q/A part, and it was fun to watch Josh in his element, along with the other agents.  The students--aspiring agents all--were incredibly attentive and engaged, and asked all manner of truly excellent questions.  The upcoming generation of literary agents!

That's Josh next to Kate McKean (another of our former Secret Agents) during the panel.  And now you can see how incredibly bad I am at taking impromptu photos on my iPhone.

After the panel, Josh and I lunched on sushi and talked about books and his amazing children, and then walked to his office, where I was finally able to meet the inimitable Danielle Burby, who is sprouting all sorts of superhero bits as we speak.

(I mean, seriously?  This woman is an agent to look out for!  I'm thrilled that she's on my team.)

Being the brilliant young thing she is, Danielle came up with the idea of my holding the bag over my face.  I mean, look how the shoulders line up!  It's like we planned it or something.

(Some day, I am going to post a picture of me with this dynamic duo WITH MY FACE SHOWING.  Hold me to that.)

So, what was my take-away?  It's this: Josh Getzler doesn't just talk the talk. He walks the walk.

While I was with them in Josh's office, Danielle announced that she had just closed a deal.  Josh exclaimed heartily, trippety-tropped across the room, and threw his arms around Danielle.  It was raw, unedited delight.  What an honor it was to experience that moment of triumph!

And these--these--are the people championing my books.  How lucky am I?  They're not just punching a time clock.  They're breathing their passion for stories into an industry that can as easily swallow you whole as it can hand you your long-sought dreams.

Thanks, Team Getzler-Burby, for staying in my corner.

I had my own triumph when I left their office and walked the few blocks to Starbucks, where I planned to meet editor-of-sparkly Alison Weiss.  No, really--it was my first time to ever walk alone in NYC.  (Yes, I am THAT city virgin!)  Always before, I've had Mr. A at my side, guiding me along the streets he knows so well.  I think I may have grown up a wee bit.  Finally.

So I then spent a couple hours chatting (and chatting and chatting and chatting) with Alison, who is as sweet in person as she is online, and who oozes and drips love-of-books like nothing you've ever seen.  If you ever end up with Alison as your editor, you will be blessed indeed.

I mean, LOOK AT THAT SMILE! She could charm the whiskers off a cat.

Alison, thanks for connecting.  You're going places!  And I'm honored to know you while you're getting there.

And there you have it--my I-don't-get-there-nearly-enough trip to NYC, where a big chunk of my heart dwells.  Next time, I hope to visit during the New York City Ballet's performance season.  Because NEW YORK CITY BALLET.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and support of my agent and his Girl Friday, I'm ready to dive into the Next Thing, and to keep pressing forward.  That, and I got to finally get one of my dearly loved black-and-white cookies, which I horked down in the car on the way home.

Because all good things become even better when you add a cookie.


  1. Maybe it's time to give up the Anon thing!

  2. Oh, I don't has a certain charm :-)

  3. Heh! Well, truth be told, I am so, so ready to not be anonymous anymore, and am already planning my "here I am" party. But I'm glad to hear there's a "certain charm" to it. That helps! :)